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11 Phenomenal Women Who Changed Nigerian Music Forever


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Despite the  Nigerian music industry being historically male-dominated,  these ground-breaking women musicians paved the way for more women to rule in music.

Here are some of Nigeria’s outstanding legendary women musicians!

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Salawa Abeni


Salawa Abeni, an Ijebu-born singer, began her career in Waka music when she released her debut album, ‘Late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed,’ in 1976 and sold over a million copies. She was crowned “Queen of Waka music” by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi in 1992.


Stella Monye


Stella Monye, an Ibadan-born singer was known for her activism style of music. Her songs, ‘Elenuwa’ and ‘Oko Mi Ye,’ was enjoyed across the country.


Yinka Davies


Yinka Davies started her music career when she was approached by the organisers of Fame Music in 1992 an awarded for being an all-round artiste from her work in theatre, choreography, and background vocals for various artists. Her works include, ‘Emi n’lo’ 2002 and ‘Black Chiffon’ 2010.


Evi Edna Ogholi


Evi Edna Ogholi is a Delta state-born singer who was very active in the early 90s. she was called Africa’s Raggae Queen and became popular for her song, ‘Happy Birthday.’


Christy Essien Igbokwe


Late Christy Essien Igbokwe is an Akwa Ibom state born singer and was very active between 1970 and 2011. Her evergreen single, ‘Seun Rere’ put Nigeria’s name on the world music map. Christy sang her songs in Ibo, Ibibio, Efik, Hausa, Yoruba and English. she received many local, international and posthumous awards.


Veno Marioghae


Veno Marioghae is a Delta State-born singer and was popularly called Veno Mario. Veno released a hit song “Nigeria Go Survive” when the country was 26 years. She has other songs to her credit which includes, “Thank You Jah, “Iwa Ti Yo, and Siobo Nome.”


Nelly Uzonna Uchendu


Nelly Uzonna Uchendu is from Enugu State and was active between the 1970s and 1980s. she is known as the modernizer of traditional Igbo folklore. Her hit song “Waka” established her as a Golden Voice of the Nigerian music industry.


Oby Onyioha


Oby Onyioha was born & brought up in Aba, Abia and is the daughter of His Holiness Ogbaja (Prophet) Kama Onu Kama Onyioha, Head of the Godian Religion.  Her biggest hit is “I Want To Feel Your Love” which she released in 1981.


Funmi Adams


If you grew up in the 80s, you will never forget  “Ahayye Yaro”,  “Nigeria My Beloved Country”, “Mama thank you for your love”, “Omode o“,  and “All we need is Love”. All these beautiful songs were from Funmi Adams. Not much is known about her and she has not been in the spotlight for many years now.


Dora Ifuru


Theodora Ifudu made waves in the late ’80s and early 90’s with her hit track “The Way We Are”


Onyeka Onwenu


Onyeka Onwenu is also known as an elegant stallion and an Imo state- born singer. She started her musical career with a successful album, ‘Endless Love’ in 1981. She also has several hit songs to her credit which includes, ‘One Love, Iyogogo, Alleluya, Bia Nulu,’ and others.


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