Cynthia Oye-Isang Can Teach You How To Attract Paying Customers To Your Business


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It can be very frustrating to have good products and services to offer, but not get customers that are willing to pay for them. Many entrepreneurs have given up because they are unable to get the right customers to keep their businesses going.

Cynthia Oye-Isang knows how this feels, she has experienced it before, that is why she is now teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract and retain customers.


About Cynthia Oye-Isang

Cynthia Oye-Isang is a Business Consultant and Coach. She works with entrepreneurs and business owners to drive up sales in their business by teaching them how to attract the right paying customers.

She is also the Founder of Girlpreneur9ja, a non-profit that nurtures young female entrepreneurs.

She has also authored two books.


Why She Started Coaching Entrepreneurs

When she started her entrepreneurial journey about a decade ago, she made mistakes which affected her business negatively. For almost a year into the start of her business, there was no customer patronage, which resulted in poor sales.  It was quite frustrating for her.

This is a common challenge that many businesses encounter. Having unlearned her mistakes, and gained hands-on experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship, she now teaches business owners how to avoid making these mistakes, and increase sales by getting their businesses in front of paying customers.


How she can help you

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who seek to start or grow your businesses and need guidance and direction, Cynthia can coach you. If you access her products and latest book, A-Z of Customer Attraction, you will also learn a lot about starting and growing your business.


Get in touch with Cynthia

Instagram: @peekatcynthia

Facebook: Cynthia Oye


To learn more about her products and services: 


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