Dr Abimbola Adegbuyi Has Written A Book To Share How She Went From 85kg To 70kg In 28 days With Natural Foods!


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We really should not wait until we fall sick before we start eating healthy and staying fit, it should be how we live on a daily basis to avoid diseases and pain. In a new book, Dr Abimbola Adegbuyi is using her personal experience to teach people how to keep diseases away and lose unnecessary weight with natural food.

About Dr Abimbola Adegbuyi

Dr Abimbola Adegbuyi aka Dr Bim obtained a Ph.D. degree in Business Administration with a focus on Strategic Orientation and SMEs Performance from the prestigious Covenant University. She is a lecturer in one of the Ogun State-owned higher institutions.


Why She Started Her Weight Loss and wellness journey

My weight loss and wellness with natural foods journey started in 2016 during my stay with my dad while he was on admission at Federal Medical Center in Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria, where I saw the pains, agonies and sufferings of man. I saw life-threatening and terminal diseases, I saw people living perpetually on drugs with severe and sometimes irreversible side effects. I saw people dying, I saw hope dashed, I saw the limit of human pride and esteem lost to sicknesses and diseases.

The question that was on my mind for a long time after the death of my father was “Why is the well respected medical science, the last hope of man with sophistication and tenacious commitment to research not able to meet expectations of man by proffering permanent remedies to sicknesses and diseases?

The answer came after many prayers, extensive reading and research that sicknesses and diseases that incapacitate and destroy people are preventable, controllable and manageable with nature if there is the will coupled with the right and applicable knowledge.

I began to put what I learnt from God’s revelation, extensive research and reading about natural foods into practice, this led to my reduction in weight from 85kg to 70kg in 28 days.



Her experience and more are what she shared in her book titled: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 28 DAYS WITH NATURAL FOODS: My Personal Experience of Going From 85kg to 70kg in 28 days.

In the book, you will learn how

1. Your Mouth Can Be Gateway To Your Greatness

2. Your Foods Can Be Your Medicine

3. To Look Younger

4. To Keep Sicknesses and Diseases Away

5. To Revive Your Sex Drive With My 28 Days Challenge (Married Only)

6. 7 Super Foods That Help To Lose Weight

And Many More


Get in touch with DR Abimbola

WhatsApp link:

Phone: 08069572766

Instagram: @drbimfit

Facebook: Dr Abimbola Adegbuyi


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