Dr Vivian Okoye Is Helping Young Parents Raise Confident, Wholesome And Trauma-Free Children, And Live Their Best Lives While At It


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Raising children is one of life’s most important assignments, but as children don’t come with manuals from heaven, many young parents struggle to figure out how to do it right.

How do you raise well-balanced children without feeling constantly frustrated as a parent or alienating your children?

Dr Vivian Okoye has been helping young parents answer this question by providing the tools, ideas, and support they need to raise confident, wholesome, and trauma-free children.


About Vivian Okoye

Vivian Okoye is a Doctor of Optometry, Certified Child Psychologist, a Parenting Coach, and Author.

She is the founder of  Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy and convener of one of Africa’s largest gathering of parents’ Parents Summit Africa. An annual event where parents gather to discuss solely issues that are related to parenting.

This event was set up as a platform that gathers Parents’ from all over the nation and beyond to start-up relevant parenting conversations as well as to advocate the total wellbeing of the African child through parenting education.

She is also the author of the book “Your Toddler And You

Vivian and her work have been featured on different media platforms including Channels Television, Guardian Newspaper, BBC news just to mention a few.

Vivian holds a Doctor of Optometry Degree from Imo State University as well as other relevant certificates in Child Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming.

She is happily married to one man and together they have two children.


Why she became a parenting coach

As a young mum, even though I promised myself to be the best parent to my kids, I found myself constantly overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and yelling at my kid at the slightest provocation.

I wanted to do better so I started to seek help and research until I delved into the field of child psychology which opened my eyes to childhood behaviour and how parenting can deeply affect children. That encounter totally transformed my life.

Today I teach young parents how to navigate the early parenting years to provide wholesome care for their little humans in peace and productivity


How she can help you

Her work focuses on helping parents especially new and young parents to provide wholesome care for their little humans while maintaining their serenity and productivity.

She provides parents with the knowledge, skills, and tools to address behaviour problems in children and raise wholesome humans in this time and age.

She can help you win in life and parenting. Working with her guarantees you clarity and blueprint for raising confident, wholesome, and trauma-free kids and not just that. It guarantees that you live your best life while at it.


Get in touch with her


Instagram: @viviann.okoye

Facebook: Viviann Okoye

Phone: +2348068418123



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