Efe Fagbeja Is Helping Women Discover Themselves & Find Fulfillment In Their Lives


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One thing common to many women is the need to find fulfilment beyond being a wife and a mother. In addition to having a family, we want to live a life of fulfilment doing what we love and using our skills and talents to make an impact in the world. Efe Fagbeja knows how this feels, that is why she is committed to helping women discover themselves and find fulfilment.


About Efe Fagbeja

Efe Fagbeja is a Self-Discovery and Personal Fulfilment Coach for Women. She has been counselling and organizing monthly/bi-monthly programs for women for about 14 years.

She offers one-on-one coaching and accountability programs, as well as quarterly online seminars. She has also published two books for women, one of which can be downloaded for free on her Instagram page.

She was in paid employment for about 7 years and resigned to run her own business in 2009, after having her second child.  She has been married for over 15 years and has 4 children.


Why She Started Coaching Women

Growing up, I watched many women become victims of life circumstances like marriage, having children, having to move constantly because of their husbands’ jobs etc.

I grew up with my grandmother who was a deaconess and used to counsel so many women, and I thought it was unfair that women often seemed to get the shorter end of the stick, often having to sacrifice their dreams and life goals for the sake of others.

As I grew older and started to navigate my own challenges as a woman, I found strategies that have worked for me over the years, and I have used them to help several women navigate their circumstances over the last 14 years.


How She Can Help You

She aims to help women discover themselves, take full charge, and find fulfilment in their lives, irrespective of how complicated their personal circumstances are. No woman should wake up at 40, 50, 60 or 70, and find out that she has not fulfilled her dreams, or that she has no personal achievements and has to depend on others, whether her husband or children, or church, or other support systems.


Get in touch with Efe Fagbeja

Instagram: @designer_by_accident

Facebook: designerbyaccident



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