Jumoke Oyeniyi’s Company Is Your Number One Plug For Sieved And Hygienically Packaged Yam Flour


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Many of us like our Amala, whether it is black or white or made with yam or plantain flour. Going to the market to get the flour can however be stressful sometimes, especially because it is hard to know which seller has the authentic and unadulterated flour.

Also, having to remove dirt and sieve away the impurities before making the meal can be discouraging.

Well, with Jumoke Oyeniyi‘s newly launched company, you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore.


About Jumoke

Jumoke Oyeniyi is a serial entrepreneur with passion and interest in fashion, blogging, food and agriculture, all of which she has been building for a number of years.


May 24 Foods

In addition to her blog may24blog.com, she recently launched her food processing company called May 24 Foods, the company aims to use mechanised and local techniques to ensure the safe and hygienic production of healthy foods. Their most recent product is the packaged Elubo (Yam/Plaintain flour)


Packaged Elubo  (Yam/Plantain flour)

The packaged yam/plantain flour produced by May 24 Foods is well processed, hygienically produced and neatly packaged.

The aim is to make this flour easily accessible to you from shops and supermarkets and take the stress of going to the market off you. You can also order from May 24 Foods for direct delivery to your doorstep.

Also, it ensures you get the unadulterated flour, and without the unhygienic conditions of the market.

It is well-processed too, so you don’t have to go through the stress of sieving or removing dirt. It can go straight to your pot from the package.

For your convenience and to keep the product safe, the packs are resealable.


Get in touch with Jumoke

Instagram: @lady_may24   &     @may24food

Twitter: @ladymay_24

Facebook: May24foods

Phone: 07060508030, 09059275786




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