Professor Adebukola Osunyikanmi Is Giving Life-Transforming Education To Students At Mabest Academy


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The best schools are the ones with passionate and visionary leaders who are determined to see students thrive and have an all-round education. This is why Professor Adebukola Osunyikanmi’s Mabest Academy continues to record great successes in students academic performance and personal development.


About Professor Adebukola Osunyikanmi 

Professor Adebukola Osunyikanmi studied Political science from Ondo state University now Ekiti State University. She has two masters’ degrees. The first is in Political Science with a focus on International relations was obtained from the University of Ibadan while the second MSc in Public Administration was obtained from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko.

She got her Doctorate in Political Science and Public Administration from Adekunle Ajasin University, and she is now a Professor.

She has been lecturing at Adekunle Ajasin University as far back as 2001.

She is also the proprietress of Mabest Academy in Akure Ondo state. The Academy was founded because she has always believed in the power of education and how having quality education shouldn’t be compromised.


Why She Started Mabest Academy

Mabest Academy came into existence as a child of exigency in 2015, the urgent need to provide an institutional intervention towards correcting the decline in the standard of education spurred my husband and me to consider its establishment.

In 2016, we decided to engage in backward integration by establishing the nursery and primary section, Mabest Elementary school. Our goal is to give comprehensive and life-transforming education to our pupils and students. The school’s curriculum is British/ Nigerian and with our affordable fees, we run both Day and Boarding.

For instance, we take our students to the United Kingdom for them to get integrated with the global community. This is an annual activity which enables our students to mingle with students from other parts of the world who are usually brought together by the British organizers. The tour affords our children to visit interesting tourists and educational facilities in England.

The state of the art audio-visual equipment installed for our students at Mabest makes learning an interesting activity. We carefully select our teaching staff with a view to delivering quality. The awesome results as evidenced by the outcomes of Cambridge Examinations, WAEC and NECO exams taken by our students.

We have won the awards of being the best Private Secondary school in Ondo state in 2017 , we also won the award of WAEC/NECO/IGCSE/JAMB with 95% excellent performance in Spelling Bee competition in South-West. As well as excellent performance in Cowbell Quiz competition.

Again the joy of seeing all the students getting admission to Nigerian and foreign universities immediately they graduate from Mabest is an indication of our success.

Admissions and exams into Mabest Academy can be done online, so prospective students can participate from anywhere in the world.


Get in touch

Phone: 08034086732, 08053950143

Twitter: @mabesta

Facebook: @mabestacademy

Instagram: @mabestacademy

Youtube: @mabestacademy

Website: mabestacademy.com



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