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A Friend In Need Is NOT Always A Friend Indeed – My Personal Experience


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We are all familiar with two types of friends:

1. The friend who stays with you in good times and bad times.
2. The friend who stays with you in good times and runs away in bad times.

Well, there is a third one – the friend who stays with you in bad times but will run away in good times. Strange? Yes it is.

I have a friend who likes making friends with people having a hard time, she gets really close to them, sends them texts and calls them morning, noon and night to encourage them and offer to help them in any way she can. All these sound great right?

Well, the sad thing is that the moment things start working out for you, she will disappear. She will even discourage you from making decisions that will help you get out of that bad situation.

We became really close when I lost my job a while ago, she was always coming around with groceries, and she encouraged me to share my burden with her, I thought she was around to be my friend, but every time I talked about going for an interview or doing things to help me get a job, she turned cold or changed the subject.

The day I told her I got a job, she didn’t even say congratulations; she was so angry and started giving me reasons why I shouldn’t take another job so soon.

She stopped calling and stopped picking my calls after I resumed work, I felt really hurt because I thought we had developed a good friendship.

I am not the only one that has experienced this from her, almost everyone in our circle of friends has their own story of how she broke up with them after their situations changed from bad to good.

She has a new friend now, a woman who just got separated from her cheating husband, but we all know what will happen when this woman decides to move on.

She loves her friends to be in a perpetual state of failure,  and she can’t stand it when they eventually succeed.

How do you deal with a friend like that?

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