Do You Want To Build A Career That Will Give You The Income & Impact You Desire? You Need To Attend Accelerate Conference By Dupe Akinsiun!


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Now more than ever, you need the relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in the workplace and bulletproof your career.

Thankfully, there are seasoned professionals with diverse experience across industries who are willing to teach you a wide range of topics to help you grow and to tackle the challenges you face in your career.

This is what you will get when you attend The Accelerate Conference convened by Dupe Akinsiun


About Dupe Akinsiun

Dupe Akinsiun is a Personal Development advocate. She is passionate about helping people develop capabilities that will help them get the best out of life.

With an extensive work experience within the Human Resources space, she has come to learn and know how to help people succeed in the workplace.

She is also the convener of The Accelerate Conference which is focused on helping working professionals build capacity to thrive in the workplace.


 The Accelerate Conference

This Conference began in 2017 under the name ‘Career Brainstorming Session with Dupe Akinsiun’ and has since held in Nigeria and Ghana. This year, it evolved to become The Accelerate Conference.

It is a platform that is designed to bring seasoned professionals together to learn from each other and gain relevant and practical insights that can help us perform efficiently and effectively in the workplace.


Why You Should Attend The Accelerate Conference

This year’s conference is tagged: The Growth Mindset and we have nine topics that will be covered by nine speakers. They will address the challenges inhibiting professionals from getting the best out of their careers.

Participants who register and attend will learn how to position for career or job opportunities that will give them the income and impact that they desire.

You will learn how to achieve this by becoming more visible, productive and more valuable within your organization in a way that rewards you.

The beautiful thing about this conference is that the monies raised will be collated and be used to help provide economic empowerment for selected members of the society who need help at this time.

Click here to register to attend this conference for a career-transforming experience.


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