Lawunmi Nwaiwu Is Here To Slay The Limiting Beliefs Preventing You From Being Successful


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We all have our mindsets about different areas of life. But are all these mindsets helpful?

Some of us are not where we want to be in life simply because of some mindsets and limiting beliefs that have been having a negative impact on the way we do things and stopping us from moving forward. We need to change them!

This is why the work Lawunmi  Nwaiwu is doing is so important for everyone who wants to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.


About Lawunmi  Nwaiwu

Lawunmi Nwaiwu is an Author, a Wedding Planner and a Mindset coach. She has worked and managed several wedding vendors and is an author of three motivational books – Where is Your Strength [2020],  Secrets to a Work-Business Balance [2017], Starting a Wedding Planning Career with Limited Funds [2015].

As a mindset coach, she helps people to recognize the habits and patterns that are holding them back from taking the right actions to achieve the success they desire.


Why She Is A Mindset Coach

Lawunmi has experienced a personal journey of growth, life-changing transitions that expanded her awareness and mindset.

She now runs a tailored program that is specific to her clients’ needs and designed to give them a step by step guidance until they achieve their objectives.

She enjoys working with people who are truly committed to achieving what truly matters to them. So if you are someone who is committed to making changes in your life, career, circumstances or relationships, together, you will make a difference.


How she can help you

Many of us are stuck and don’t know where or how to start. What is missing is our ability to explore and figure out what matters to us the most through our values, self-awareness and passion.

Lawunmi’s coaching program is a perfect fit for anyone interested in a business start-up or as an aspiring writer [the same principles apply].

Her coaching package includes videos, personality profile assessments as well as practical exercises. You will be guided step by step to learn more about yourself with a 30 minutes call session, 60 minutes mindset coaching, unlimited email & resources support.


30 Days Plan To Self Improvement

She is currently running a free 30 days plan for aspiring entrepreneurs and writers at any level on 20th July 2020. You will benefit from coaching support on how to self improve your mindset in just three minutes a day. Further details are available on the website –


Get in touch

Instagram: @lawunminwaiwu






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