RiRi Okoye Is Helping Women Build The Confidence They Need To Succeed In Life, Business & Motherhood


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It can be difficult to remain confident in yourself and your future in the face of challenges, pressures and disappointments. Everywhere you turn, especially online, there is someone or something that can deflate your confidence and make you feel like a failure. How do you remain self-confident despite all the these?

More than ever before, there is a need to be deliberate and intentional about becoming and remaining self-confidence, and with RiRi Okoye, you can get all the help you need.


About RiRi Okoye

RiRi Okoye wears many hats. She is the CEO of Majestically Rare Events and a business trainer. She is also the founder of a movement called Raising Confident Girls and Course Creator of the Confidence Revolution.

She has created some dynamic digital courses called Super Confidence: How to Win That Job or Contract, How to Find Purpose for Success and  How To Sell In Tough Times.

During this lockdown, she wrote two ebooks to inspire and impact others. The reviews have been awesome.


Why She Is A Confidence Coach

Riri has been through moments of low confidence but she was able to bounce back from them all, this is one of the reasons she is so passionate about helping others build confidence.

She recently published two ebooks called Building Confidence & Step Into Your Purpose and Building Confidence for Mothers and Daughters.

In these books, she shared her journey and the tools and techniques that she has been using to get ahead and develop strong inner confidence.

She now commands six-figure contracts by just believing in her skills and abilities.


How She Can Help You

She helps others to build confidence and find purpose through coaching and writing.

Each chapter of her ebooks is power-packed with wisdom, lessons learned, life principles, and techniques to build confidence and resilience.  Also included are short personal stories and teachings on how to cope in tough times.

The ebook for Mother and Daughters is an ideal resource to help navigate such a unique and beautiful relationship between mothers and daughters and improve communication, trust and respect. Confident mothers raise confident daughters.

You can also plan to attend RiRi’s LIVE Confident Revolution Workshops after the lockdown.


Get in touch with RiRi Okoye

Instagram: @ririokoye  & @majesticallyrareevents



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Building Confidence & Step Into Your Purpose

Building Confidence for Mothers and Daughters


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