With Titi Adewusi’s Educational Games, Your Children Will Excel In Academics & Acquire 21st-Century Skills


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Did you know that some research shows that most people including children forget 70% of what they learn within 24 hours? But when learning is fun and engaging, it easier to retain, remember and apply what they have been taught.

This is why Titi Adewusi and other co-founders of 9ijakids, are providing fun and educational games & resources to make children (ages 3-11yrs) love learning and be equipped with excellent academic and life skills.


About Titi Adewusi

Titi Adewusi is one of the three all-female co-founders of 9ijakids, an Edtech Company.  They help children ages 3-13years acquire 21st-century skills in a fun way so that they can be leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow using what they love – games.

They have an online platform with over 250 games for nursery to junior secondary school.

Titi was selected as one of the Leading Ladies Africa 100 inspiring women in 2020. 9ijakids was also among the top 10 finalists at the Union Bank Edtech Challenge 2019 and Africa-UK Tech Female Founders organized by the British Embassy.


Why She Started 9ijakids

She became passionate about kids learning when she started helping her younger son with his schoolwork and learning needs. She noticed he could play games on any phone or tablet but wasn’t so interested in school work and other conventional learning.

When it is time to do his schoolwork he could make up a million procrastination excuses; I am tired, I am sleepy, I want to drink water, I am hungry, etc, but he would transform into a ‘genius’ once he is given a smartphone.

Titi realized that this was an opportunity to teach her son the way he wanted to learn. She realized that by using the power of technology, she can make his learning experience fun through songs, hands-on activities, stories, and games

All of these led to the development of the 9IJAKIDS Fun Learning Games.


Why Your Children Should Use 9IJAKIDS

Schools have closed but the learning doesn’t have to stop, and learning shouldn’t be boring.

If you are looking for educational resources as a parent or school to keep your child motivated and learning – 9ijakids is just what the doctor ordered.

They have games on various topics in Maths, English, and Science.

In addition to academic topics, they also have games on values like honesty, courage and courtesy, because they believe education is about the total child. They even have games on our Nigerian heritage, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and the Bible.

They also have resources that educate children about bullying.

Their Kiddiepreneur games focus on teaching children financial literacy; it was specifically developed to help children learn the basics of savings, investment, and good money management.


Special Offer

With the lockdown and school closure, 9IJKAKIDS decided to make FREE its kids learning service and mobile applications to help Nigerian parents enhance the learning experience of children as we weather this challenging moment.

With our #LearnFromHome, you have FREE ONE MONTH subscription if you sign up TODAY!!!

To put your child ahead of their peers, take advantage of these educational games by signing up today for one month FREE access –>


Get In Touch

Instagram: @9ijakids

Facebook: @9ijakids



Phone numbers: 0903 385 4783 or 0810 285 2844

9ijakids app is also available on the Apple App store, the Google Play store, the Windows Store, & the Amazon App store










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