Tobore Olumoye Is On A Mission To Help People Fix Their Money Issues, Meet Their Financial Goals And Have The Future Of Their Dreams


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One of the greatest regrets people have in old age is not paying attention to their finances when they were younger. Unfortunately, many young Nigerians are already on this path too.

The importance of having good financial planning cannot be over-emphasized, that is why Tobore Olumoye is on a mission to help as many Nigerians as possible before it is too late.


About Tobore Olumoye

Tobore Olumoye is a Personal Finance Trainer and Coach. She works with individuals to fix their money issues and ensure they meet their financial goals and have the future of their dreams. This typically ensures that all aspects of their finances are taken care of, and the common pitfalls that cause a financial crisis are avoided.


Why She Became A Personal Finance Trainer and Coach

She worked in the banking sector for over 15 years but decided to leave after she became a trained financial planner.

She was surprised by the fact that many Nigerians have very little knowledge of financial planning and as a result, are so prone to having a financial crisis. Even some who are financially stable are surrounded by those who are not, and this puts them under pressure constantly.

She also realized that many Nigerians create a lot of wealth but the wealth is rarely preserved and transferred from one generation to the next.

She decided to quit her job and go on the crusade to increase awareness of Personal Financial Planning. Her mission is to make Nigerians financially literate, one person or one group at a time.

She firmly believes that Nigerians and indeed Africans will do better financially if they know better.


Why You Need Tobore’s Financial Planning Services

The main benefit of having a proper financial plan is that you gain financial clarity. You drastically increase your capacity to earn more and meet your goals. You become financially disciplined and avoid common hidden pitfalls.

The financial planning services available include Children’s Education Plan, Investment Plan, Risk Plan, Retirement Plan, Estate Plan and Multiple Streams of Income Plan.

Your life will be positively transformed after having a financial planning session.


Have A Session With Tobore

Book for your personal or group training and coaching sessions today. All services can be rendered online.


Get In Touch

Instagram: @otoboreolumoye

Twitter: @otoboreo

Facebook: Otobore Olumoye


Phone: 08033381005





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