Tricia Famoriyo Is Teaching Women How To Identify Money-Making Opportunities Around Them


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There are many opportunities to make legitimate money all around us every day, but not all of us can identify them and take advantage of them.

Sometimes, we need experts to help us see how we can turn our passion into a profitable business and use the skills we have to get the financial freedom we desire. Tricia Famoriyo is gifted and experienced at helping women achieve these.


About Tricia Famoriyo

Tricia Famoriyo is an entrepreneur, a speaker and an author who is passionate about women empowerment.  Her “X” factor is the ability to enhance, improve and speed up people’s progress and successes.

She helps people especially women identify and leverage opportunities around them, accelerate their progress and become financially empowered.

She is the Founder of She Thrives Africa – where she teaches women how to leverage opportunities around them to become financially empowered. You can join her community here.


Why She Coaches Women To Become Financially Free

Tricia started out by selling frozen fish and chicken. She was smelling fish yet making money.

She couldn’t start big but she started anyway and she was not ashamed of what people were going to say, as they were not paying her bills. Now she owns several businesses, she runs an Importation and Exportation business, she runs a brand consultancy business and also a pharmaceutical business.

She didn’t get here by wishing, she didn’t get here being lazy, she got here by resilience. She failed several times, but she let her challenge become a stepping stone to a higher level and now she is determined to help other women achieve financial freedom too.


How She Can Help You

Tricia has trained over 2000 women on different skills they can leverage on for financial empowerment.

She coaches them to look for a problem around them, solve it and make money while solving it as long as it is legitimate.  She advises women to start doing something no matter how small.

“If you are proud or ashamed of starting out and yet still broke, that is the recipe for poverty. You can live the life of your dreams if you stop being afraid to start. Ditch those excuses and become everything God created you to become. There is room for more. You are more than this.” she says.

You can contact her if you want a coach or mentor and if you want to be trained on skills you can leverage to become financially free. You can also book her to speak to your audience.


Get In Touch With Tricia Famoriyo

Instagram: @tricia_famoriyo

Facebook: @Triciafamoriyo

Join her community: SheThrivesAfrica



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