Tunbosun Afolayan Is Using Natural And Indigenous Raw Materials To Solve Common Skin Problems And Help Women Boost Their Self-Esteem


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Many women have done more harm than good to their skin in the search of flawless and blemish-free skin.

What many don’t know is that nature has already provided us with safe, effective, and accessible raw materials that can enhance our skin appearance and treat common skin conditions.

Thankfully, Tunbosun Afolayan is helping women make better choices with her carefully formulated skincare products and skin care consultations.


About Tunbosun Afolayan

Tunbosun Afolayan, fondly called TBS, is a self-motivated, creative, and dynamic young woman with over 15 years’ worth of corporate experience and active entrepreneurial experience for the same period.

She pursues the subject of Earth sciences both as a profession and vocation and is a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards and grants, among which are 2013 Federal Government of Nigeria Youth with Innovation award, 2016 Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, and 2018 Bank of Industry Youth Entrepreneurship Support.

She is the founder of Semsey Skin Solutions, a multi-purpose and pioneering pan African cosmetics and personal care manufacturing hub/brand.

She ensures a translation of the brand’s strategic vision of “creating a start to finish manufacturing solution for small and medium scale cosmetics business and retailing natural and high performing skincare brand made from Africa indigenous raw materials.”


Why She Started Semsey Skin Solutions

Tunbosun experienced a post-pregnancy skin condition after the birth of her first child. She researched available remedies and was drawn to the plethora of locally grown raw materials that can be used to manage various skin conditions.

In less than 3 months after she started using these raw materials, the post-birth skin flares were gone!

She decided to formally learn and explore the use of natural skincare products specifically for African skin.

She founded the brand SEMSEY with a mission of delivering healthy and flawless skin through the use of high performing skincare products. These products are created from scratch with sustainable processes and safe raw materials sourced from the Africa continent.


Why You Should Use Semsey Skincare Products

At Semsey, they use a Farm to Skin model to create natural and high performing products from indigenous raw materials and natural food produce (that otherwise would have gone to waste) to solve common skin problems and help African women boost their self-esteem.

Their product line includes bath soaps, facial and body scrubs, toners, moisturizers, and other personal care products that will give you healthy flawless skin without side effects.

Also, if you suffer common skin problems such as acne, skin rashes, eczema, whiteheads, and blackheads and have had skin reactions issues from using fake organic and synthetic products, Semsey is available to help you.

Kindly WhatsApp their numbers – 08032019281, 08094381192 – for free skin consultation (using code WomanNG) so they can recommend the best skincare routine for you.


Get In Touch

Instagram: @semsey_skinsolutions

Website: www.semsey.com.ng

Phone: 08032019281, 08094381192



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