Your Wardrobe Is Not Complete Without One Affordable & Stylish Àdìre From Olaide Adejare!


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If your closet still has space for one more outfit, we are recommending you make it one made with easy-on-the-skin, affordable and stylish Adire from Olaide Adejare.

Her company sells the best and most affordable Adire and has the No1 adire online wholesale store. There’s no better feeling than finding something so good, and counting down the days until it’s delivered!


About Olaide Adejare

Olaide Adejare studied BSc Anatomy at Osun State University.

She was born and raised in Abeokuta, the home of Yoruba’s best batik fabrics, where she was exposed to the beauty and diversity of homemade fabric art at a very young age.

She grew up seeing and loving the beauty of Adire,  five years ago she decided to turn this passion into a business by starting Adire By Yidella.

The business started as a side hustle to assist her mother to reach social media with her business, but with in-depth knowledge and love for fashion and Yoruba culture, Olaide later created her independent platform known as Yidella

She now puts her love for African prints to work by creating stunning batik for world-class fashion.


Adire By Yidella – Fabrics & Ready-to-wear outfits

Olaide’s biggest inspiration is the beauty in our culture and tradition and how we express our love through clothing and textiles with African batiks and dresses that are affordable, comfortable and readily available.

Yidella is the Number 1 Adire online wholesale store, in fact, many of those selling Adire in other parts of the country buy from Yidella at very affordable wholesale prices to sell as retailers.

Yidella also sells ready to wear Adire outfits for men, women and children on their website – yidella.com

Yidella wants to give you a shopping experience that excites you, makes you feel good and provides you with its unique handmade African batik fabrics and dresses which you will treasure from season to season.

To buy their products you can pick it up from their store or you can buy online and they will deliver to your doorstep.


Get In Touch With Adire By Yidella

Phone/WhatsApp: +2348060287528

Instagram: Adirebyyidella

Facebook: Adirebyyidella

Twitter: Adirebyyidella

Email: yidellasempire@gmail.com

Website: www.yidella.com


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