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13 Naija Women Tell Us The Most Difficult Thing About Being A Mother



We asked some Naija women the most difficult things about being a mother and below are their responses.


Going back to work after maternity leave was the hardest for me. I would call the daycare like 10 times before I close for work and every time, they told me my baby was fine.


Trying to find a balance between work, the children, my business, and taking care of myself.


When your child does something wrong and you have to discipline him or her, the look on their faces when they know they’re wrong and are sorry weakens me. I want to be the cool mom but I don’t want to raise a spoilt child.


Knowing that the world is a creepy place and that one day they will have to make their own decisions and you’re hoping they are the right ones.


When you have to leave them to attend to other things. It’s really difficult to do and then the ‘mom guilt’ sets in.


Sickness. When your child is sick and you can’t take away the pain or discomfort. I hate to see my children uncomfortable.


Letting them become more independent because you don’t know if you’re teaching them enough to make good decisions as an adult.


Parenting each child accordingly. Recognizing that each one is different and need to be handled and disciplined differently.


Giving all of them the same attention and love without making any of them feel more loved than the other.


Watching your kids make mistakes and learn hard lessons that develop their character and strength.


Being firm. Letting my Yes mean Yes and my No mean No and knowing when to compromise.


Worrying if they are being treated right when I’m not around. Because it hurts to see other people hurt my child.


The fear of missing out on their firsts when you you’re out there doing your best to make them comfortable in life.




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