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40 Life-Changing Advice For Women In Their 40s Who Are Not Too Happy With Their Lives


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You are grateful to be alive in your 40s, and you are thankful for all that you already have. But you want more.

It may be in a specific area of your life, or it may be in every area of your life.

Maybe you have not put in your best efforts in your 20s and 30s, or perhaps you did everything right, but things have just not worked out so well for you.

You are not ashamed to say “this is not where I want to be in life.”

These 40 pieces of life-changing advice have been put together for you.

My job as the writer is to remind you that you can still be more, do more, and have more.

It is to use the healing and liberating power of written words to help you see why and how you can thrive despite life’s pains and pressures.

It is to let you know how you can live a life of meaning in your 40s.

In a world filled with so much negativity, judgment, and hopelessness, this ebook will nourish your soul with positivity, encouragement, hope, love, and light.

I promise you, reading this will be one of the most self-loving things you will do for yourself this month!




Title: 40 Life-Changing Advice For Women In Their 40s Who Are Not Too Happy With Their Lives

Writing Style: Concise, Straight to the point, easy to read on PC and mobile devices, friendly tone.

Voice: As real as if I am having a soul to soul conversation with a BFF over a nice cup of coffee.

Writer: Written with love and thoughtfulness by Shola Okubote

Target Audience: Women. Ages 38 – 49.

Format: Electronic (PDF)

Price: N1, 000



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About Shola Okubote

I am an emotional wellness enthusiast, and I use the power of written words to help people find hope, healing and humaneness.

I have written and curated hundreds of free articles and social media posts through my website Woman.NG and my blog

Woman.NG is the first and the most robust online media solely created for and focused on Nigerian women. I lead a team of young women to create, aggregate and curate inspiring, informative, and entertaining content for women, across multiple digital platforms. We have reached millions of people and our work has helped many women to know better, do better and be better.

On my personal blog, I write about some of the things I am most passionate about. Drawing from my life experiences, I write about emotional wellness, living an authentic life and finding purpose in life’s pain.

At different points in my life, I have identified with many of the things I shared in this eBook, and I have pulled myself up from rock bottom situations to continue to thrive despite the many pains and pressures in my life.






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