Balqeez Mustafa Has Formulated A Liquid Soap For Children’s Laundry – It Is Antibacterial And Free Of Harmful Chemicals


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Many of the cleaning products we use at home contain harmful chemicals that can have adverse effects on our children’s body. Thankfully, for some of these products, there are alternatives that are safer and affordable.

Balqeez Tobi Mustafa’s safe laundry wash is one of them.


About Balqeez Tobi Mustafa

Balqeez Tobi Mustafa became an orphan when she was 12, through all the challenges; she has become stronger than she thought she could be. Today, she is a mother of three precious children and an entrepreneur.

She founded Bqkiddies which is a one-stop baby/children store for everything kiddies. They deal in sales of all children items from age 0-10years.

She is also a lead formulator at BQsafewash, which is a premium, harmful chemical-free, sparkling clean liquid laundry soap for children


Why She Formulated BQsafewash

In March 2019, her son was diagnosed with jaundice after birth, so they ended up spending seven more days at the hospital for his treatment. When they got back home, she picked a laundry wash at her baby store to wash the loads of dirty clothes they brought back from the hospital, but after few days, she woke up to her baby’s body covered in red patches.

They took him back to the hospital, and it was discovered that he had skin reactions as a result of a product used on his skin or clothes. She later discovered that the skin reaction was caused by the laundry wash.

She looked at the ingredients of his laundry detergents and also compared it with other detergents at the store and to her surprise, they were all almost the same. Right there she knew something must be done given that all these brand are imported products and super expensive and yet harmful to the lives of our children.

Because of her background in Pharmacology, she began to do research on laundry detergents.

She came up with BQsafewash, she tried it on her baby’s laundry, and also gave out several samples to parents and they all came back with positive reviews.

She realized if these could work for her son, and over 50 moms that tried out the samples then she could save the world with her product.


Why You Should Use BQsafewash For Your Children’s Laundry

BQsafewash is a premium, harmful chemical-free, sparkling clean liquid laundry soap for children. It is specifically formulated for babies and children, and it is gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

It is tough on stains and works perfectly well for all your baby laundry needs, from onesies to crib sheets to cloth diapers etc.

Balqeez takes pride in making laundry detergents that provide the clean laundry you need while keeping your baby safe. It worked for her and many moms and she is so sure it will work for you.


For Order and enquiries

Instagram: @bqsafewash

Facebook: bqsafewash

Email: safewash@bqstore.com.ng

Phone: 0809 448 8997 / 0809 448 8995


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