In Case You Didn’t Know, Jessica Opute-Sampson Is Good At Teaching Married Women How To Have Satisfying Sex Lives


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Women can and should enjoy sex, but many women have put their sexual satisfaction on hold for various reasons.

Sometimes it is due to the stress from daily activities, sometimes it is because they don’t know how to fully express their sexual needs and preferences, and sometimes it is because of the false beliefs they hold about sex.

Whatever your reasons are, Jessica Opute-Sampson is here to help you understand and enjoy sex better.


About Jessica Opute-Sampson

Jessica Opute-Sampson is a diplomat by training, the CEO of Naturally Made Brand and Lead Consultant for Secretceres Nigeria, a feminine hygiene and intimacy product company based in Indonesia.

She is a marriage, intimacy, and sex coach. She educates wives on how to enjoy sex in marriage so that they can be sexually empowered.


Why She Became A Marriage, Intimacy And Sex Coach

It is always strange when I hear women complain about sex. I was circumcised and contrary to what has been touted, achieving orgasm has never been an issue for me.

My sexual awareness has given me so much confidence and has improved my marriage. I knew I had to help other women to experience awesomeness in their own sexual journeys.

In many African homes, an honest and frank discussion about sex between spouses was and is still considered as a taboo.

I decided to focus on teaching women the natural act of lovemaking with all its bells and whistles. No one is born with innate lovemaking skills, they are learned.


How She Can Help You

With Jessica’s guidance, you will unlearn all the unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs you have been taught about sex and intimacy by culture and religion. She will use a holistic approach to take you though through topics such as –  mindset reset, wellness as a sexual tool and raising your sexual satisfaction.

Women who have read her books or attended her classes or who just follow her on social media have come to enjoy the full benefits of their sexuality.


Get Her Book

The first in the series of her books dealing with marital intimacy is titled,  “Woman, Sex Was Made For You Too”

Her focus is on wives because most of them are yet to tap into the deeper levels of pleasure and fully enjoy wholesome lovemaking devoid of shame and hesitation.


For More Information

Instagram: @jessenergizer

Click here to order her book–> Woman, Sex Was Made For You Too


WhatsApp: +234 803 420 6121




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