Ruth Oni Runs A One-Stop Center For The Elderly – They Provide Professional Home Care, Support Services, And So Much More


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The elderly need more than money, they need special care, attention and activities to keep their minds engaged.

Sadly, many of us are too saddled with the hustling and bustling of life to pause and understand how we can meet their needs which are so different from ours.

Ruth Oni realized this some years ago and she is now on a mission to help your elderly live a comfortable and happy life in their old age.


About Ruth Oni

Ruth Oni (The Naija Seniors Enthusiast) graduated from Babcock University in 2010 with a degree in Nursing Science. She is licensed to practice as a Nurse, Midwife, and Public Health Nurse in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Married to the love of her life and they are blessed with two lovely children.

She is very passionate about the elderly living their best lives. She believes growing old is a rare privilege and a treasure that must be cherished and not handled shabbily or lived in regrets and discontent.

She is the author of ‘The Practical Game Plan to Bust Boredom’, a book aimed at helping the elderly unlock limitless doors to fun and fulfilment in and around their immediate environment.


Her Work With The Elderly At Ruttee’s Place

She is the Chief Golden Companion at Ruttee’s Place, a one-stop centre for 60+. They provide unique services and innovative solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of golden agers (the elderly). These include In-home care, support services, senior proofing for safety, sales of elderly-specific items and so much more.

She is also the Organizer of Grace Soiree. Grace Soiree is a free quarterly event for the elderly to get themselves checked medically, make new friends, engage their minds and hands, and generally have some fun. COVID-19 hasn’t allowed any such gatherings in 2020 but she has kept in touch with participants from previous meetings and has reached out to them in ways she can.


Why She Is Passionate About The Elderly

I was inspired by my admirable grandmother – Mama Grace Ayodele (God rest her soul). I lived with her for quite a while as a teenager and young adult and it was at that time the passion began to build up. It was obvious that more needed to be done for the elderly in Nigeria.

Most senior citizens in the middle to high class in Nigeria have their typical days loaded with boredom and inactivity. No one wants their 70 or 80-year-old working or visiting from house to house. A lot of times, we believe it is more prestigious to have them sit and ‘relax’ at home all day. Worse still, there are no infrastructures in place within communities in Nigeria to meet the social needs of this age group.

Unfortunately, we are unaware that this seemingly ‘prestigious’ and rather sedentary lifestyle is capable of causing physical and mental health conditions and further deterioration of existing ones.

Over the years, I have also observed that despite the golden age being special and requiring attention, little or nothing is being done in that regard. No seniors’ stores, no seniors’ centres, no seniors’ discounts or promotions, little or no consideration for seniors generally all around the country.

All these fueled the passion and I knew something had to be done to change the narratives. I am making old age Golden in Nigeria.


How She Can Help Your Elderly Ones

Her mission captures three categories of people:

a) People aged 60+
b) People with category (a) in their lives.
c) People who aspire to be in category (a).

If you require excellent In-home care or support for anyone aged 60+ or you need answers on anything related to that age group, we are your one-stop centre.

We have also created special products and services aimed at helping people prepare to live their best lives in the golden age. Preparation, they say, is key to success. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Please visit their website to learn more.


Attend the upcoming webinar on Sunday, 13th of September, 2020.

It is titled ‘Unveiling the Golden Care Strategy’. Join me as I unbundle growing old, unearth issues affecting elderly care and profer practical solutions. There will be lots of freebies and discounts on our offers.

You don’t want to miss it. Simply visit to sign up. See you there.


For Enquires

Instagram: @theseniorsenthusiast

Instagram @rutteesplace

Facebook @rutteesplace

Call/SMS/Chat: ± 234- 807-894-6912



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