Wunmi Adebowale Knows How To Live An Authentic Life, And She Is Guiding Women Who Want It Too


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In life, people will try to bring you down,  they will try to mould you into what you are not,  and they will want to shape you into what they think you should be.

Wunmi Adebowale believes it is important to know who you are and live an authentic life in spite of societal pressures, and she is on a mission to help women achieve that.


About Wunmi Adebowale

Wunmi Adebowale is an Authenticity coach, writer, author and Founder of Superwoman9ja.

She has a burning desire to help people discover their true purpose and calling. Also, to help them manifest their most authentic self.


Her Work At Superwoman9ja

Superwoman9ja is a coaching network where she works with women from all spheres of life by providing one to one coaching and group coaching based on tested and trusted coaching techniques, to help them manifest their authentic self in all areas of their lives which in return helps to boost their confidence.

She also provides a platform where women can connect, share their stories, be heard and not judged but motivated and inspired to be a better version of themselves by taking profound actions.

She has courses and programs geared to help women improve in the different areas of their lives.


Why She Started Superwoman9ja

I have always been a very positive person. I have always being a lover of people, I fight for people I love, I help them in the best way I can and I defend people. I don’t like people being cheated.

I am not the type of person that would push a friend into doing something and turn her back when push comes to shove.  No, I will stick with you till the very end. I am not the type of person that says a thing behind people’s back and then say something different in front of them. I keep it real at 100 per cent.

I am someone that speaks up irrespective of the consequences. I am an advocate of the truth.

I sat down one day and I put all these attributes of mine together. I discovered that I am very passionate about them and that was when I got the revelation of my purpose.

Four years ago, I had an accident that could have taken my life or left me incapacitated but I came out unscathed.

God saved me that day and it’s a day I will never forget. After that accident, I resolved that I was no longer going to keep quiet about my purpose. I am going to begin to manifest my purpose and that was when Superwoman9ja was conceived.


How She Can Help You

As an authenticity coach,  Wunmi Adebowale can help you;

>  To discover your true purpose and calling
>  To manifest your authentic self in your personal, family, career and spiritual life
>  To manifest the highest version of yourself and live a fulfilled life


Join Her  30 Days Of Self- Love Course

You are relevant. You have something to offer. You are worthy of love. You don’t have to accept less than you deserve. If you want to know how to love yourself better and go for what you want in life, this course has been designed for you.

What you will get

> Free Self -Love Master Class
> 30 Days Self – Love Mantra
> 30 Days Work Plan which will guide you into setting your Action Plan
> Trackable Results after the Program.

You can take the course on


For Enquiries

Instagram: Superwoman9ja
YouTube: Superwoman9jaTV
LinkedIn: Wunmi Adebowale
Twitter: Superwoman9ja
Facebook: Superwoman9ja




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