You Can Become A Polished Version Of Yourself With Oleander Yuba’s Diction, Public Speaking & Social Polish Courses


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You don’t need to twist the tongue, speak through the nose, or fake an accent to speak good English. With the help of good elocutionist like Oleander Yuba, you can learn how to speak clearly with the right diction and intonation.

Whether in an academic, social or professional setting, the ability to speak with good diction and elocution will set you apart.

About Oleander Yuba

Oleander Yuba is an Elocutionist, Accent Reduction, and Social Polish Coach. She is also a Phonics and Calligraphy Expert.

She founded The Literacy Sphere Education Services, where she helps business and career professionals, as well as individuals, acquire eloquence and clarity in their spoken English, and exude confidence and poise in their various spheres of influence.

She provides these services for a wide range of clients, as well as consultancy services for schools and other corporate organizations.


How She Became Elocutionist/Social Polish Coach

My journey as a teacher started in 2009, as a Youth Corp member I was posted to serve in a secondary school in Rivers State. That was my first encounter with the teaching profession, and I fell in love with it.

Afterwards, I went on to acquire a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and took many certification courses in Phonics and Phonetics, as well as the use of the British Curriculum in Nigerian Schools. I am in the process of being certified to teach the English Language as a second language in all parts of the world.

I left my assignment as a classroom teacher 6 years ago, and since then I have worked as a Phonics and Phonetics Trainer/Consultant, during which I have successfully trained countless numbers of children, teachers and other individuals in speaking, reading and writing distinctly.

I am called ‘The Distinct Elocutionist’.

Not long ago, I saw the need to move my work online in order to help more people benefit from our unique services, and that happens to be an excellent decision, as I have been able to reach much more people than I could ever imagine, even with the onslaught of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Why You Need The Literacy Sphere

1. The Literary Sphere (TLS) can help you overcome the interference of your mother tongue in your spoken English. Prominent among this is the H-Factor problem, which is a major issue in the Western part of Nigeria. We tend to transfer the features of our mother tongue into our spoken English; the result is that we sound strange, and sometimes some words lose their meanings completely.

2. Speaking good English cannot be achieved by twisting the tongue, speaking through the nose, or faking an accent. You need to know how to use the right pronunciation and intonation, and TLS can help you achieve that.

3. Learning from TLS will also equip you with the confidence and poise required in daily communication in the English Language, whether academic, professional or otherwise.

4. They offer qualitative Elocution and Social Polish Training designed for school heads, pupils/students, parents, corporate organizations, individuals etc.

They have classes designed to meet the need of every individual, both young and old, and their classes are highly affordable.

They have a 1-month course for kids where they transform them into confident, polished and well-behaved speakers. Parents who want their children to stand out when they speak must take advantage of this course.

With TLS, you will get trained; speak right and be a distinct speaker. It is achievable and it won’t break the bank.


For More Enquiries

Instagram: @tlsdiction

Facebook: The Literacy Sphere Diction Academy

LinkedIn: Oleander Yuba

Phone/Whatsapp: 08038847648



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