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6 Naija Women Tell Us How To Identify Instagram Vendors That Scam


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As much as online shopping takes away the stress of going to the shops, it also has its disadvantages.

With stories of being duped by fake business pages on social media platforms, we decided to ask some Naija women of their experiences.

So, 6 Naija women tell us their Instagram fraud stories and how to identify a fake business page.



I have been a victim and I learnt the hard way. Some of the ways to know a fake Instagram business page is that their handle always comes with plenty of underscores, like new_and_shiny_goods.

The pictures of their models are always white. They also don’t have pictures of the client who bought or used their products, neither will you find reviews or feedback from their clients.



I was duped about two years ago. I saw a handmade shoe on a page, I ordered it and paid 8k but the person did not deliver.

Although, it’s not easy to know a fake page because they look so convincing but there are some factors I consider before buying.

If there are no interactive comments on the page and they don’t send the original picture of what I want to buy, I don’t buy.

Fake pages also change their handles a lot and their website never works, i.e. if they have one.



I was a victim. I paid 7k for a dress since February and I am yet to get my cloth. The funny thing is that the owner of this page is still posting pictures. She stopped picking my calls and even blocked me.

If you see a page that is loaded with only web pictures, don’t be deceived, they are fake. If they also have like 1000 followers but 10 likes, just don’t buy.



The easiest way to know a fake business page is that they always have like 2000 pictures in 2 months. It is not possible to have such stock in a little time. They also sell quality products for ridiculous prices and promise free deliveries worldwide.



Fake business pages always have every product you want. They are also desperate to sell and will tell you they are located somewhere very far from where you are so that you will be discouraged from going to pick your things.



 I tell people that fake pages are very easy to know. The first thing to do is, take your time and stalk the page before you buy. I was a victim last year December and the page still exists today.



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