Here Is Your Invitation To Efe Fagbeja’s Webinar For Married Women Who Want To Live A Fulfilled Life!


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Are you a woman who wants to live a fulfilled life in addition to being a mother and a wife? Then you are invited to Behind Closed Doors 2.0 Webinar!

It has been put together by Efe Fagbeja to address key areas of marriage and give you practical insight into each area.


About Efe Fagbeja

Efe Fagbeja is a Self-Discovery and Personal Fulfillment Coach for women.

She has been married for almost 16 years, and been coaching, counselling and speaking with women since 2006.

She is passionate about helping women discover themselves and live their best lives, no matter how complicated their circumstances are. Her belief is that no woman deserves to wake up one day at 40, 50, 60 or any age, to discover that she is unfulfilled.

She had about 8 years of work experience in various roles before she quit paid employment in 2009 to be there for her family, and to follow her dreams. She is the convener of Grace Acts, a platform which supports widows, single mothers, and victims of domestic violence.

She is a mum to four amazing children.


 Behind Closed Doors 2.0 Webinar (Married Women Edition)

My daughter just finished her WAEC exams and I look at myself in amazement. It doesn’t seem too long ago when my mum was in her 40s and she seemed so old. Actually, to think about it, that was almost 30 years ago, but I feel only a little older than I did then. And I wonder how my daughter sees me now.

Such are the seasons of life. And for many women, those years just go past carrying lots of difficult memories, of pain, of sacrifice, and of unfulfilled dreams of what could have been.

If I have one aim in my life, it’s to ensure that in spite of the pain, in spite of sacrifice, and in spite of difficult circumstances, no woman leaves behind thoughts of what could have been. I just want to see women surmount and transcend challenges.

That’s why I’m putting together Behind Closed Doors 2.0.

It is a webinar for married women. The aim is to address key areas of marriage and give them practical insight into each area.


What to expect

>> Making Your Marriage Work for You
>> Sex Matters
>> Financial Wisdom for the Everyday Woman
>> Thriving in Business and the Workplace
>> The Ultimate Work-Life Balance Hack

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>> Igazeuma Okoroba @afristorypodcast
>> Cynthia Oye-Isang @thebusinessdoctorng
>>Funmilola Adedeji @enrichedbygod
>> Efe Fagbeja @designer_by_accident


How to Register

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