In 26 Easy Ways, Irene Ugbah Is Showing Women How To Grow Their Visibility And Income


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No matter how good your products or service is, you won’t make satisfactory sales if people don’t know about it. That is why it is very important to understand how to make yourself or your product more visible to your potential customers.

Irene Ugbah knows how to move from poor sales to great sales through the power of visibility and she is now sharing that knowledge with other women in her new book.


About Irene Ugbah

Irene Ugbah is the Executive Director of Crestville Academy and the founder of Crestville Development Foundation, a gender-based NGO.

She has been privileged to speak on International platforms such as World Literacy Summit @Oxford University, The University of Cambridge Kaleidoscope conference on Factors militating on the Girl Child Education in Nigeria to mention a few.

She is also an inspirational speaker, wife and mother. She has written and published four books,


Her Work With Girls and Women

She juggles different hats but at her core is the empowerment of girls and women.

Her purpose is to inspire girls and women to rise above all forms of limitations and be the best God created them to be.

For women, she organizes mind-shift and empowerment programmes.  She also writes books to teach and empower women on how to be their best. Her latest book is “How Women Can Grow Their Visibility & Income“.


Why She Is Helping Women Grow Their Visibility And Income

In November 2017 I published my first book- a workbook on how women can set goals and track them. I could barely make #50,000 @#1,000 per copy that I sold it.

In November 2018 I published my 2nd book – LIMITLESS within a few weeks of release I had made over #2,500,000 in sales. It didn’t stop there the sales continued and so did my speaking engagement.

Now the question is what didn’t I do right with my first book?

After my first book failure, I figured out that I wasn’t visible both online and offline. I mean people would only buy from you when they know you exist in the first place.

So I set out to read and hired people who helped me in developing my visibility strategy.


Why you should get her new book

The book “How Women Can Grow Their Visibility & Income” is for you if;

>> You want your brand, product or services to be visible

>> You want to be the go-to person for TV, radio or blog interviews

>> You want your income to increase by growing your visibility

>> You are tired of doing the most of the work in your department and yet you are not picked to head the department

>> You are tired of struggling to sell products or services you created due to lack of visibility

>> You want to grow your income via visibility

In 26 easy ways using A, B, C, D….,  Irene Ugbah is going to show you how to create your visibility strategy and increase your income. Even if you are just starting out.

It is a strategy she has used to change the narrative from not being able to make sales of #50,000 from her first book to generating sales of  #2,500,000 in the first few weeks of her 2nd book release.

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For Enquiries

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