Jacqueline Oludimu Uses The Story Of Her Life To Remind Everyone Of God’s Unending Grace & Mercy


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Sometimes, it can be really hard to believe in God’s grace, especially when your life has been filled with failures, mistakes and disappointments. That is why God uses the lives of other people to remind us of His unending love and grace.

Jacqueline Oludimu‘s new book is a powerful reminder that we can rise from our unpleasant past into a beautiful future, that our mistakes do not have to define us forever and that there is a purpose for our lives.


About Jacqueline Oludimu

Jacqueline Oludimu is saved and called to build marriages for God’s Kingdom Agenda.

She is the founder of Happy Ever After Hub, a non-denominational Christian ministry and advocacy platform for godly intentional marriages with a mandate to save future marriages, build joyful homes, reduce divorce rates and domestic violence in our world.

She is also the founder of The Saying I DO Academy and convenes the ‘Saying I Do’ conference, an annual teaching conference for married & singles; asides being a relationship mentor to many singles, holding their hands into their destined marriages through the God’s Prepared Singles group, an online grooming room for singles.   She is a Christian Life Coach and certified pre-marriage facilitator using her ‘Before You  Say I Do’  coaching sessions for engaged couples.

With Grace Junkie as her third book, she is also the author of ‘Move On – How to Get Over Your Ex’ and Marriage on Purpose, both of which are available on different platforms.

Jacqueline resides in London and is joyfully married to her gift from God, Tolulope Oludimu, who she fondly calls ‘her testimony’ and they are blessed with and raising two soldiers for Christ.



Her New Book – Grace Junkie

Grace Junkie tells a vivid story about her life and her real-life experience of the redemptive Grace of God. Despite some of the events that characterized her early years such as abuse, heartbreaks, unplanned pregnancies, abortions and more, she was ultimately led by Abba into living life on Purpose.

Grace Junkie can be purchased via the link-

For those outside the country, the book is available on Amazon worldwide.


Why You Should Read Grace Junkie

One of the salient messages passed across in this book is that you are loved, irrespective of your past. This book is for everyone that has ever felt unqualified, undeserving, useless or shameful.

This book will take every reader on an introspective and liberating journey as it exposes major challenges young girls and single ladies are faced with and how the author navigated through it.

With a heavy theme on intentional parenting and God’s grace at work despite man’s failures, Grace Junkie talks about how God can leads you into his divine will of marriage on purpose if we let Him.


Get In Touch

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Twitter: @jackietalkz

Facebook: Jacqueline Oludimu




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