Patricia Okoro–Edema Helps People Sort Their Immigration Issues So They Can Live In The UK Legally


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Many people will like to live or work in the UK legally but do not know the options available to them or how to make it happen.

This why it is important to consult experts like Patricia Okoro–Edema, who know about it and have successfully help other people make the right immigration decision.


About Patricia Okoro–Edema

Patricia Okoro–Edema is often described as empathetic; this is one of the qualities that have made her very good at what she does.

Her first degree is from Delta State University Abraka in Nigeria, where she obtained a BA(ED) in English.

After a few years, she went to study Law at the University of Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom, from where she obtained an LLB in Law. She then came back to Nigeria to attend The Nigerian law school and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2006.

On her return to the UK, she qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 2012.

She has worked for various law organizations over the years, and then she started Pollard Solicitors in 2017 and specialized in immigration law


Why She Started Pollard Solicitors

Pollard Solicitors started off with the purest of intentions – to make sure that immigration help is always accessible to all individuals.

They help to unite families, husbands with their wives or the other way round with entry clearance.


How They Help With Immigration Issues

>> They take on deportation cases stopping deportation and in general just making sure that families stay together. They also help those who have overstayed their visas to become legal residents especially those that have families.

>> They also handle immigration cases involving domestic violence and bereavement. Like the case, they once handle of a lady who was here in the UK with limited leave to remain as a spouse of a settled person. She just gave birth as at the time her husband died, they were able to get her settlement status.

>> They handle cases of adult British citizens living abroad (say Nigeria) without British documentation, like those who were born in the UK before 1983 and then came back to Nigeria. Mostly they think that all hope is lost but in 99.9 per cent of the time, this is not the case. They should know that there is still hope not only for them but for their children too.

>> They can also help with other visas that one can get to stay for a considerable amount of time like the student visa, entry clearance spouse visa or fiancé visas, there are also EEA applications, for those who their family members have gained citizenship of another EU country, there is also ancestry visas for those whom their grandparents were born in the UK.

>>  They also handle other work-related visas, including Business visas if the investor has money to invest in the United Kingdom.

>>  There is also the Portuguese Golden visa, in which the investor can gain citizenship without having to live in the country. This category is usually for busy investors who either want to or do not want to live in the country. Upon investing in Portugal and eventually become a citizen. The investor will automatically become an EU citizen and this will allow the investor to go to numerous countries visa-free including the US.


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