Azeezat Oluwakemi Sule Lost 55kg After Two Children – And She Is Teaching Women How She Did It!


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We all know that eating healthy and staying fit is good for our health and general well being, what many don’t know is that it can also help to boost your self-esteem and productivity. Achieving a healthy weight loss goal can help you achieve better results in life and in work or business.

Azeezat Oluwakemi Sule has experienced the transformative power of weight loss, and that is why she is on a mission to help more women too.


About Azeezat Oluwakemi Sule

Azeezat Oluwakemi Sule (aka Omodadi), is a Certified Health Coach.  She works with busy corporate mothers who struggle with weight loss and self-worth.

She uses a holistic health approach to help them put an end to their weight loss struggles so they can find purpose, increase their performance and earning potential.


Her Weight Loss Journey – Losing 55kg After Having Two Children

When I was planning to get married in 2015, I decided to lose some weight because of the wedding dress style I had in mind, so I bought a dress that was two sizes down, instead of my size which was 18 then.

With determination, I was able to fit into the smaller dress just a day to my wedding!

I got pregnant and had my first child, and this process took me to 123KG at a size 24. Who did I offend? I got back to work after feeding my baby exclusively and lo and behold, I got back to about 85KG. Just after I changed my wardrobe, I missed my period. Well, another pregnancy and childbirth journey happened but I did not allow it to go pass 120KGs before I went into action.

Then, I realized that even if I knew how to lose weight, I was not conversant with how to maintain the new weight.  This led to my research around nutrition and health, and after exclusive breastfeeding, I proceeded to work gently through research-driven strategies and holistic approach.

I realized that we make loads of mistakes in the process of weight loss. It was not a diet routine but a complete lifestyle that ultimately helped me in combating many health issues simultaneously.

At the same time, my performance on my job role improved and ultimately my financial status increased.


Why She Became A Certified Health Coach

After she lost 55KG, many women went to her for help and this prompted her to learn the art of counselling/coaching.

She graduated in June, from the largest nutrition school in the world (School for Integrative Nutrition) and she has helped many women achieved total life transformation through her coaching, webinars, courses etc.

She published her first book recently ‘Optimize Your Health – A Step By Step Approach To A Healthy Lifestyle” to help mothers that may want to work independently on their own to achieve a similar result.

The book contains easy, individualized and wholesome strategies to suit your situation.


How She Can Help You

As a mother, she understands your desire to get your body back to your desired state after childbirth.

She also understands, how it can be difficult to work, take care of children, manage the home, cook healthy meals, and still have time to go to the gym.

As a working mum, she also knows so well how not being fit can affect your motivation and performance at work, and the implication that can have on your income.

In spite of all the hurdles, she lost 55kg after two children, and she has maintained it for two years without going to the gym. She is now more efficient and productive in life and at work.

She has been able to achieve this through a holistic approach that focuses on changing your lifestyle and food choices without going on any extreme diet. She can help you achieve this too, through her counselling and coaching.


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