In Ngozi Nwadinobi’s New Book, You Will Learn How To Revamp Your Life By Renewing Your Mind


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It is difficult to achieve our dreams without the right mindsets and beliefs. We know this, but sometimes we find it hard to keep the right mindset in the midst of challenges and uncertainties.

Ngozi Nwadinobi knows how this feels and that is why she is committed to helping women to overcome their limiting beliefs.


About Ngozi Nwadinobi

Ngozi Nwadinobi is passionate about helping people to see how their mindset can affect their lives.

She believes that we can all be in control of our emotions, words, habits, and ultimately our lives, and she is on a mission to inspire, motivate and encourage women to be their best and fulfil their purpose in life.

She is doing these through her books, webinars, and online platforms.


Why She Helps Women With Their Mindset

She used to be timid, shy, and unsure of herself and she thought the spotlight or limelight wasn’t meant for people like her.  Over the years, she has however learnt to take charge of her mind and be in control of her thoughts,  emotions, words, habits, and ultimately, her life.

Today, she is a published author and she has been interviewed on some media platforms.


Why she wrote The Book Titled ‘Mindset Matters’

She had to have the right mindset to:
• Get married
• Have a successful marriage
• Have children because it took her a while to conceive
• Get the job of her dreams

She now wants to help women break the mindset barriers holding them back from achieving their greatest potential.


Why You Should Read Her Book – Mindset Matters

In her new book Mindset Matters, she helps readers to

>> Understand you have the ability to create the life you want by transforming their minds

>> Know they hold key to happiness, laughter, peace and progress; no one can do it for them.

>> Learn practical ways to handle everyday struggles like procrastination, negative thoughts, insecurities, and learn how to push past these to achieve their greatest potential.


For Enquiries

Instagram: ngozijasonnwadiobi

Facebook: Ngozi Nwadinobi


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