Rashidat Adekeye Is Helping Women Fashion Entrepreneurs Gain Visibility Online So They Can 10X Their Sales


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Many women go into entrepreneurship thinking great product will equal great sales, but this is not always so.

No matter how fantastic your products are, if you don’t have a good visibility strategy, you may not make profits.

Rashidat Adekeye learnt this the hard way, and she is now helping women fashion entrepreneurs to up their visibility game.


About Rashidat Adekeye

Rashidat  Adekeye is a mum, entrepreneur, author and a business coach.

She is the founder of Royale Affairs Jewelry and The Entrepreneurs Africa Trybe, a group that supports aspiring and existing business owners and provides information on how to start and build a thriving business.

She is passionate about helping female fashion entrepreneurs gain visibility online so they can increase their sales.

She has authored three books – Dear Jewelry Seller, Have You Found The Right Suppliers?, How To Start A Jewelry Business Like A Pro and the 14-day Visibility Checklist for Online Businesses.


How She Started Her Jewelry Business

She had a well-paying job until she had to relocate due to unrest in the city where she worked.

It was a sacrifice she had to make to be with her growing family. However, she was not prepared for what will come with that sacrifice.

She found herself in a new city with no job, and no friends or where to go. She was used to making money and going out daily, so staying at home with no job was very challenging for her.

She disliked Mondays, she lost confidence and became a nagging wife.

One day, she went online and stumbled on a mini importation class, and that was how she started importing jewelry to sell.


Why She Is Teaching Fashion Entrepreneurs How To Gain More Visibility

She started her business with $100 (15,000 Naira) at the time, it was fun initially but later, reality dawned on her that she needed more customers.

Her friends and family had bought a lot from her, but she knew that the business had to grow beyond her circle of influence. It was painful seeing money tied down with no hope of getting customers.

Online business was not so popular then, but she started advertising on Facebook groups, then opened a business page and gradually started finding her way around social media marketing.

Today, the business has grown into a seven-figure business to the glory of God.

She decided to help female fashion entrepreneurs who operate their business in the online space to gain visibility because she knows how lost she felt when she started.


How She Can Help You

Through her coaching and resources, you can learn how to:

>> Create brand awareness and put your business in people’s faces.

>> Attract the right people who will be willing and ready to buy.

>> Stay focused and silence the noise online, thereby staying ahead of the competition.

>> Position the brand as an expert in your niche.

>> Have more sales through a well-planned visibility strategy

Every business owner should have a visibility plan. Without this, a business will only keep incurring overhead costs with no profits.


Get In Touch

If you want to book a strategy session or get a copy of her books, please send her a DM on Instagram or email.

Instagram: @rashidatadekeye

Facebook: @rashidatadekeye

Email: rashidatadekeyeoffical@gmail.com



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