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Being a mother can be very stressful. Taking care of children, managing the home, building a career and business while still trying to do many other things, can have an impact on the physical, emotional and mental health of mothers.

No matter what society says, women need to know that it is not right to live with so much stress and do so much at the expense of your health and well-being.

This is why Tochi Opara is helping mothers to see how they can manage their lives effectively and reduce stress.


About Tochi Opara

Tochi Opara (nee Ivonye) is a happily married mother of two beautiful girls.

She is certified Motherhood Stress and Lifestyle Coach, Public Servant, Author and Entrepreneur.

Her interest in motherhood stress has made her develop contents to help mothers overcome stress, take control of their activities, and to find happiness and fulfilment throughout their motherhood journeys.

She just wrote an e-book titled “Being a Mom of 2” which centres around the challenges mothers encounter and practical solutions in parenting a toddler and a baby.

She is also set to launch the maiden edition of her stress management course ‘Stress-Free Life For Mothers’


Why She Is Passionate About Helping Mothers Overcome Stress

I grew up watching my mother go through life with so much stress.

She was an active parishioner and the presidents of two organizations in the church. She was also a banker in the ‘90s and early 2000s who go home nothing later than 10 pm bringing work home with her.

I remember times when my elder brother and I (probably around ages 10 and 8) would do her call overusing the lantern.

We lived at Ibafo and I cannot remember her complain about anything until the night before her passing on the 30th of December 2004 after a heart attack.

Every day, I live in regret for her because she didn’t live long to reap her fruits after toiling so much.

I too realized I was going down the same path after I had my first child. I also had other moms reaching out to me, complaining bitterly about the stress they face and then I realized it was not peculiar to me alone but people were not talking about it openly.

So, I vowed never to repeat the same stressful cycle with my kids because I wanted to be around for them and to live a happy and fulfilled life.

These motivated me to reach out to moms, in order to promote open conversations, enlighten them on the possible illnesses that stress causes to the body, and to also change their mindset concerning the normalcy people associate with stress.


How Tochi Can Help You

>> Content on Instagram and Podcasts
She hosts some live series on her IG page @talkingmomstress as well as on her “Orange Chair Talking Point” podcast were motherhood related issues are discussed. She shares relatable contents on her page to get the motherhood stress conversation going on always.

>> Books
She has authored the book “Being a Mom of 2” which is available on Amazon and Okada Books. It will help to adequately prepare mothers for what to expect before their second baby arrives. It is also beneficial to every mother as it highlights daily challenges you may encounter while parenting and ways to address them and to moms who want to be intentional about self-care.

>> Course
Her course teaches mothers how to be intentional about themselves and start to live a life of design. Visit to book a session.



Instagram: @talkingmomstress


Get Book: Being A Mom Of Two

Podcast: Orange Chair Talking Point

WhatsApp: +2348036757230

Facebook: Ivonye Tochi





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