Toyin Abiola Is Teaching Couples How To Solve Marital Problems And Have Blissful Marriages


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Like many things in life, we need the right knowledge to build a happy marriage. Sadly, many people don’t take time to read about how to have the marriage of their dreams or to consult a coach who can guide them on the journey.

Toyin Abiola believes that if you know better, you will do better. This is why she writes and coaches about marriage to help people gain the right knowledge they need to have a blissful marriage.


About Toyin Abiola

Toyin Abiola is a Love and Marriage Coach and Speaker, an Author, the Founder and anchor of Marriage Teachable Moments (MTM). She is passionate about helping married couples who are desiring, but not experiencing bliss because of diverse marital problems, know how to do so.

She believes that when you know better, your life becomes better, so she teaches profound marital secrets that can help couples enjoy their relationships irrespective of their problems.


Why She Is Passionate About Love And Marriage

When you look around you especially in our community, you will see so many marital woes, problems, tragedies and divorces. I have realized that a lot of people are ignorant of what marriage really entails.

Marriage is beyond us. It is beyond love, it is beyond status. It is deep, it is spiritual, it is a responsibility, it cannot be achieved without the right dose of self-love and self-worth, and so walking ignorantly into it based on feelings and a need can be dangerous for those who do it.

Marriage is also something that you cannot rely on flesh and your understanding to succeed in, you need the wisdom that comes from God in every situation to make it work every step of the way. There is no room for complacency, familiarity, lackadaisical attitude towards it. It’s either people get it or do not get it.

And so we see the results of all that ignorance around us. And that is why I am so passionate about letting people see the darkness, and also see the light of marriage and then choose to willingly walk in light and truth.


How She Can Help You

She has authored two books “The ABCs Of A Beautiful Marriage” an international bestseller and “The Awakened Mind”, both available on Amazon. These books will help you understand yourself as an individual and also how to overcome problems in your marriage.

She also teaches on Facebook and Instagram, her YouTube channel will be available to all in 2021 by God’s Grace.

She also counsels both married couples and single brothers and sisters, who have a relationship or marital issues. If you are interested in a counselling session with her, please visit to book a session.



Instagram: @toyinabiola_

Facebook: @toyinabiolamtm

Youtube: @toyinabiola (coming soon)




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