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15 Women Share The Unforgettable Random Acts Of Kindness They Have Experienced


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It is so good to know that there are kind people, whose small thoughtful gestures left a lasting impression on the people they helped.

A Twitter user, @slayqueen asked people to share the random acts of kindness they have experienced, we curated some responses shared by women.


One time when I was a teller at the bank, some guy came after 4 to withdraw money and the security won’t let him in because we had closed. He seemed so desperate so I told them to let him in. He came in & withdrew N2, 000, it was his last cash & he decided to tip me N200. I refused to take the money but he insisted. It was random but I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.


Was suicidal and some random guy hit me up because he saw my tweets and he gave me reasons to not give up. It was such an act of kindness because even those close to me didn’t help me out of my depression. He was the last person I’d have thought would help me out of it but he did.. I think about it often and realize I’d have missed out on this beautiful life I’m living now if he didn’t help. He’s my husband now.


I was involved in an accident on my way to school when I was 9. My driver ran away abandoning me with my older sister who was unconscious. Pulled my sister outside and watched as the trailer crushed our car. I started screaming and begging for help but no one stopped for us. A teacher from our old school saw us and came to our aid. She didn’t have a car so she joined me and started begging. I saw my school mates drive past in their parents’ cars and nobody stopped. I still don’t understand why because one of the parents was even a “pastor.” A lady I never met before stopped her car and started running towards me. She picked my sister up and dragged me to her car. The teacher prayed for us, said goodbye and left so I had no choice but to go with the stranger. She was crying as she drove us to the hospital when we got there, she paid for everything and called my parents. I don’t know how but I never saw that lady again. I feel terrible because I don’t think I’d recognize her today. My sister could have died if not for this Good Samaritan that God sent us


The act I can never forget. On a Thursday, My phone fell from my bag into a bus, it was on 1%. I searched for the bus and looked everywhere to no avail. I was distraught. Left Ife for Lagos on Saturday and on Monday, just as I was about to go block the line, my friend called my second phone to tell me a driver called her and told her to tell the owner to come get her phone. It was an iPhone 5s. He found it dead in his bus after we all got off.  He drove round in search of all the passengers, the only person he found tried to claim it but failed. He bought a new charger on Saturday when he couldn’t find one to borrow and called on Sunday. When I saw him, he refused to collect money. He told me to give it to people in his union instead. I really wish I had much more to give him. He was so honest and good.


Had a panic attack in a BRT on 3rd Mainland bridge. Almost told the driver to let me come down on the bridge. Stranger bought me water & “fanned” me till I reached toll gate. He made sure I was alright.


The day I moved to Abuja, the lady I was to stay with lost someone in the Jos road massacres & had to travel, so I was stranded at the airport. Checked into a hotel I found online, prayed and cried all night. Then I reached out to Blossom to tell me a women’s centre I can put up in. She offered to pick me from the hotel & house me. I’d never met nor spoken to her before then. I’d always be grateful for her kindness.


One time in UI, I had no money just tfare to get to campus from home. At the gate I prayed for a miracle while preparing to trek from UI to Eleyele…just at the gate a man came, parked and asked to offer me a ride. I was scared but because I prayed I agreed. Took me to my house, took me for lunch and gave me 5k that I didn’t ask. When I asked why he said “I am a colonel & was going on the other side of the road home- and something said to me turn around & pick that small lady so I obeyed” He never toasted me. That gave God came so alive to me.


Was depressed, really depressed, and a follower I never talked to before reached out to me. Made me feel better, without being condescending till date, I still use the pointers he gave me, and my mental health has really improved. He even sent me money too, out of the blues. All this without even asking for my number. Conclusion is, he was sent from God because I was at my lowest then


I needed $11k to sort my tuition and someone I had known for 1 week + randomly called me after church and gave me $9600 to add to what I had.


The most recent one for me. Was about entering a restaurant in VI when my sandal cut. Was still in the car park & wondering what to do next, it was a Sunday. I called one of the security men there & asked if he could help buy me bathroom slippers anywhere around. He agreed to try, so he pointed at a stool for me to sit & wait. I noticed one woman sitted in a car, staring at us but didn’t give it any thought. On his way, she stopped him & said something to him. Next thing he came back to me with a pair of flat shoes. I was so surprised. Walked up to thank her, so I asked how I could return them. She said to just keep them. They were actually my perfect size. I didn’t even know how to thank her.


Best friend followed me to the hospital to get PEP. When asked why we were looking for the ARV dept, she lied. She said she was the victim. She literally took my indignity and claimed it as hers.


Someone sent terrible things about me to a blogger & told him to post & send to other bloggers, instead of doing that the blogger contacted me and helped me stop the guy too because he had been blackmailing me. He (the blogger) never reached out to me again, but I’ll never forget.


One of my front tyres came off. It was like 8:30 at night. Before I could process what to do, a lovely couple stopped and asked me to jump in. Seconds afte, my car was surrounded by area boys. The couple took me to Sura, paid for a towing vehicle, settled the area boys (twice) & dropped me off at a safe place to wait. They even offered to take me all the way to where I was going which was much farther away.


Forgot my purse at home home to church & only found out when I alighted the bus. Bus driver gave me transport fare and offering. Was really nice


Wanted to withdraw money from Atm, I had tried many but they weren’t paying me…decided to try the last one still didn’t pay. A man at the Atm asked how much I wanted to withdraw..told him 10k..he gave me the 10k and walked away…Will never forget that Man.




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