Goodness Ben Turned Her Knowledge Into An Online Business, And She Can Help You Do The Same!


Like never before, we are seeing a rise in the number of people who are ready to pay for expert knowledge online. If you are knowledgeable than most in a particular field, now is the time to consider monetizing it.

Goodness Ben has done it, and she is now guiding other people who want to monetize their knowledge and expertise too.


About Goodness Ben

Goodness Ben is a Business Coach, an Author, a Speaker, and a certified Life’s Purpose Coach.

Her expertise is in helping knowledge-based entrepreneurs like coaches, course creators, and authors, to properly monetize their expertise.

She does this through her online courses, physical training, and coaching programs such as the Mastering the Business in You online mentoring program.

As a result of her guidance, purpose-driven individuals can build a highly profitable brand online; make an impact through their knowledge and expertise as thought leaders in their niche.

This year, she was awarded business coach of the year 2020 by Crystal edge services and PCD academy.


How She Started Earning From Her Knowledge Online

In February 2017, I started building a brand online through the skill I gained via WhatsApp. I learned how to design fascinators, and I was successfully selling handmade fascinators online until October 2017, after I gave birth to my second son.

My online business that was less than a year at that time started struggling.

In the process I decided to create a system that I called local drop shipping, the goal was to use this system to get more people to promote my products and sell them even without investing any cash upfront.

So one night, someone asked about what business she could start without capital, I shared my business model in the comment section, and before morning I had more than 80 people requesting that I tell them more.

The strategy I saw as just a survival strategy for my business turned out to be a highly sought after knowledge.

If anyone had told me that this common knowledge could launch me into earning through my knowledge and expertise, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I started training people based on the knowledge I had gained online. I started helping other women to sell their skills online.


Why She Is Helping Other Women Too

She started with a knowledge that she thought was nothing, but today, sharing her knowledge has helped her to make a massive impact in the life of thousands of individuals in Nigeria, and other African countries.

She has built a profitable and reliable brand that gives her fulfillment, just by leveraging the internet as a tool to build a brand through her knowledge and expertise.

She is now on a mission to help more people, especially women, through her She’sMuchMoreAfrica project.


How She Can Help You

She can help you :

1)  Gain clarity about your life’s purpose and also clarity in your personal brand.

2) Launch a profitable brand online through your knowledge.

3)  Set up a proper sales process as a knowledge-based entrepreneur and increase your visibility.

4) Make an impact in the life of others and as well create wealth.

You can also get her book titled ‘Employed Entrepreneur: How to break free from one stream of income and build a brand that creates income, impact, and influence’


Get In Touch

Instagram: @iamgoodnessben
Facebook: Goodness Ben Ibeeronini
Whatsapp: 08182459818



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