Mums Of Under-Fives Can Learn So Much From Olabisi Romeo On How To Reduce Daily Stress


It is so easy to become overwhelmed and stressed when you are taking care of children while trying to build a career or business and still be effective in other areas of your life.

Olabisi Romeo knows how this feels, that is why she is so passionate about equipping mothers of under-fives with the knowledge and tools necessary for the journey of stress-free motherhood.


About Olabisi Romeo

Olabisi Romeo has a double honors degree in Political Science/Education Foundations and Masters in Human Resource Management. After many years in the UK Banking industry, she actively pursued a career in the Early Years Sector as a mum of two babies who were both under 2.

She grew from owning her Childcare service and Holiday Club, alongside managing a Preschool to being a University recognized mentor to students interested in pursuing a career in the Early Years Professional, while still being mum to her young children.

As a qualified Early Years Professional, Olabisi has had the opportunity to advise and support other early years and childcare providers. She currently works on several UK government projects which are aimed to improve outcomes for children and their families.

She is an Early Years Mum Coach and the author of the book – The Stress-Free Mum, a practical guide for the foundation years.

Olabisi also serves as a worship minister and co-pastors a church alongside her husband, Yomi and they are blessed with children.


The Stress-Free Mum Initiative

The Stress-Free Mum (TSFM) is an initiative to help mums with young children (0-5 years) de-stress, have time for themselves, their children and God.

Through this initiative, Olabisi freely shares her faith, personal experiences and professional ideas. Her message encourages mums to live life, love life, please God and enjoy motherhood. She is keen to see mums thrive in their role as God intends.

She supports mums to establish routines, plan, manage time and behaviour which are all necessary for the journey of stress-free motherhood.


Why She Started The Initiative

Before motherhood, she was organized, patient and positive, but when she became a mother she had to decide if she wanted to let go of these qualities or hold on to them against all odds.

• She got married and lived in an environment where there was no extra help
• She had two children under age 2 to care for (not twins)
• One of them had a medical need which required regular hospital visits for many years
• She pursued a new career which required her attending evening lectures for over 2 months.
• She had a full-time job in the UK banking industry
• She started a business (which meant that she worked 6 days a week)
• She was also a committed member of a church
• She had a marriage to keep alive

She was determined to live her life, chase her dreams and enjoy the motherhood journey. Thankfully, she was able to juggle the many balls without dropping any.

The successes experienced in her early years as a mum, over 17 years ago, have become the guide that she now shares with other mums of under-fives.


How She Helps Mums

She shares practical tips to help mothers plan, establish routines, set boundaries, manage time and manage stress.

They can also take advantage of her:
• The Stress-Free Mum free challenges
• Webinars e.g. The Stress-Free Mum and Her time – make time for you, your children and God.
• 1 to 1 coaching sessions
• The Stress-Free Mum Book
• Online Course – The Stress-Free Mum Programme


Get In Touch

Facebook: @thestressfreemum
Instagram: @thestressfreemum



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