Zainab Bala Is Telling Human Interest Stories To Give Voice To The Voiceless And Bring Them The Help They Need


There are so many people and communities going through hard times in Nigeria. Sadly, the intervention they need is not coming to them because their stories have not been told.

Zainab Bala is on a mission to use the power of story telling to help as many people as she can. She is sharing the experiences of other people to create awareness, fight for justice, draw intervention and create change.


About Zainab Bala

Zainab Bala is a broadcast Journalist working with Viewer TV, a local media station based in Abuja. She has also worked with Gotel TV in Yola North-East Nigeria.

She is also a professional Voice Over Artist and event host, she hosted TEDX Argungu in 2019.

She has always been passionate about telling human interest stories, this why she created The Scoop with Zainab – which is an online platform where she highlights most of the stories she covers.


Why She Started ‘The Scoop with Zainab’

The Scoop with Zainab was born out of her passion to reach out to her host community. As a journalist, she believes she has a social responsibility to be the voice of the voiceless.

This is what she does at The Scoop, she brings out the experiences of other people to create awareness, fight for justice, draw intervention and create change.

Her goal is to use human angle stories to draw the attention of people to certain issues that will help set the Agenda for news and in turn create intervention was necessary.


A Few Highlights From Her Work

In 2018 she did a documentary about people who lived in the mountains in Abuja and their struggle for survival. After airing the documentary, many of her viewers requested to visit the community and help them in the little ways they can.

She also recently did a documentary about the Squeegee boys who clean with shields for survival. After airing the documentary she got calls from a number of people who wanted to contribute positively to the lives of some of the children.

These are just a few instances where her love for digital storytelling has helped her see through the eyes of people, and bring them the help they need.


How You Can Support The Scoop with Zainab

Zainab will be able to do more storytelling with sponsorships from people who have similar interests. Please contact her if you are interested in sponsorship.


Get In Touch


Zainab Bala
The SCOOP with Zainab

The Scoop With ZAINAB

Phone: 07036468847



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