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12 Nigerian Women Tell Us Why They Love And Chose The Businesses They Do


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Some years ago, we ran “How I Started My Business” series on the blog. We interviewed women about how and why they started their businesses.

One of the questions we asked them was “Why do you love what you do? There are many other businesses you could have done, why did you choose this?”

We compiled some of the responses we received to this question, below are ten of them.

Why do you love and chose what you do? Share with us in the comment section below!


Titilayo Medunoye, Founder Of Milky Express
I did not lactate for about 3 months after my baby was born. I tried everything in the book; pap, tea, etc, no solutions. I cried many times, was so depressed and even felt unfit to be a mum simply because I could not breastfeed my child.

Finally, I was able to meet with a lactation consultant in the US and things began to turn around. I was finally able to breastfeed my daughter and did so till she was 2 years old. This inspired my quest to be a lactation specialist and to offer similar solutions to Nigerian women facing the same challenges.


Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo, Founder Of August Secrets
I have always loved children. I was a teacher.
So if a child is not eating well, I cringe. I am just doing what I love.


Matse Uwatse-Nnoli, Founder Of MatseCooks
I love what I do because it fulfils me. As a food blogger, I learned from my audience that I was helping their marriages and relationships through cooking. Seeing their thank you emails and having total strangers call me out of the blues to share their successful cooking tales made me so happy.


Adaora Mbelu,  Co-Founder of Dreamterpreter Inc
My focus is to help people find clarity, and position their lights in such a way that it impacts other peoples lives. It sets off a ripple effect of impact and positivity. For me, the ultimate thing is to help others succeed, and this is what my business is built around.


Nelly Agbogu, Founder Of Nellies Nigeria
I love what I do because it came naturally in line with my needs, I had a weight problem and I was eager to find a solution in a healthy way and this drive pushed me to my passion. And to think of it, who wouldn’t love eating yummy healthy meals?


Seun Sangoleye, Founder Of Baby Grubz
Cooking and food come to me naturally and I love children. I’ve been a children’s ministry teacher for almost 15 years. It just seems like a perfect fit for me.


Olamide Smith, Founder of Sweet Indulgence
I love what I do because baking combines 2 of my strengths, creativity and cooking. Yes, there are so many businesses I could have explored but this is what gives me joy the most and I get the ultimate satisfaction when a client is happy with the end product.


Chika Madubuko, Founder Of Greymate Care
I love what I do because it feels like I am creating my own future with my hands. I have always wanted to improve lives and create jobs, and nothing has filled that space like Greymate Care. The smile on the face of my service users makes it all worth it.


Uzor Umeh, Founder Of El Padrino
I love interacting with people and witnessing the joy a good food experience brings them. Most of all, I love bringing people together and food helps me do that.


Blondie Okpuzor, Founder Of Bathkandy
I love what I do because it allows me to share myself and my art with the world. I also get to help people. Women especially feel good about themselves and learn to love their skin. What’s not to love when you wake up doing what you love and utilizing an amazing gift you’ve been given to do something that you’re actually good at?


Annah Ayodele, Founder of Annáy Milliner­y
I love what I do because I love creating­ things, I love the satisfaction of know­ing you have made someone’s day or compl­eted someone’s outfit or look for an occasion. I find ease i­n what I do.
Many years before I started Annáy Millin­ery I was into event management and deco­rating I loved doing that but one way or­ the other it just didn’t gel with me­,­ I guess that wasn’t my calling. W­ith millinery everythin­g just clicked into place. ­I never­ get tired of creating pieces­- ­I can do it in my sleep that’s how much ­I love it.


Uzor Umeh, Founder Of El Padrino
I love interacting with people and witnessing the joy a good food experience brings them. Most of all, I love bringing people together and food helps me do that.


Oreoluwa Sonola, Founder Of MaidForMe
This has always been something I have always wanted to do right from when I was in 200L in university. I used to babysit and clean for families. I didn’t even mind working as a maid/nanny after graduation if I didn’t get a job. I didn’t get one immediately, so I stayed back in Abuja after my NYSC doing just that.

I later got a bank job but this has always been my back-up plan. I also wanted to own a blue-collar job agency that would outsource ushers, maids, drivers etc. I resigned from the bank after working for 4 years and later on went ahead to start MAIDforME.




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