7 Reasons You Should  Take Care Of Your Intimate Area With Vaginne Refreshing Gel



1 in 5 women suffer from common intimate health issues like Bacterial Vaginosis (B.V), yeast, thrush and many more infections every single year and they are not properly informed on what to do when that happens or the best solutions to their issues.

Hey Oremi is a feminine intimate health and wellness brand that is focused on improving the intimate life of every woman in Africa.  Their goal is to provide a safe and lasting solution to common intimate health issues women of all ages face.

For now, Hey Oremi is selling only one product which is Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel (An anti-bacterial and all-natural gel which restores and preserves feminine intimate health).

Vaginne is like a first-aid kit for the vagina because it cures 99% of all infections and stops recurring infections in record time, it is specifically designed to restore and preserve feminine intimate health in a safe and stress-free manner.

It is a 6-day treatment that relieves the symptoms of infection and in just 3 days, you can start to see a difference, and experience natural cleanliness and comfort in your most intimate parts.

Vaginne is already being sold in 9 different countries including Nigeria and it is NAFDAC and FDA approved.


Why You Should Choose Vaginne

>> It enhances the friendly bacteria (Lactobacillus) and inhibits bad bacteria. It is through this process that it eliminates common symptoms of vaginal infections such as bad odour, itching, discharge, hereby providing comfort.

>> It boosts the immunity and self-healing power of the vagina.

>> It helps manage menopausal symptoms.

>> It offers long-lasting protection and repair to damaged tissues in the vagina, cervix, and uterus

>> It provides lubrication and a moisturizing effect

>> It enhances vaginal tightness

>> It has an organic and natural ingredient composition.


90 – 95 % of Vaginne users agree that:

>> It effectively removes odour

>> It effectively controls itching

>> It alleviates itching, burning, and redness

>> It reduces vagina discharge

>> it effectively treats recurring infection

>> It is a powerful moisturizer that provides ultimate comfort

>> It produces a tightening effect


Some testimonials from women who have used Vaginne

For years, i have had fishy odour that just wouldn’t go away. what haven’t i tried? Garlic? Vaginal washes? Thank God for Vaginne. I smell brand new –  Josephine N.

I used to have colored discharges and recurrent yeast infections but i no longer do, all thanks to Vaginne – Nkechi M.


How to order Vaginne

You can order the product on their website

If you will like to know more before you order, please follow and contact Hey Oremi on social media

Instagram: @heyoremi

Facebook: heyoremi

Phone Number: 08173612035, 09013991262


See photos of Vaginne below. A box of vaginne contains 6 x 4.5g single-use applicator sticks for one course of treatment.













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