Dr Emmanuella Owobu Is Demystifying Mental Health Issues, And Helping People Get The Professional Help They Need


More than ever before we need Mental health practitioners to help demystify issues around mental health, and provide the support people need when they have mental health issues.

That is why it is so great to see Dr Emmanuella Owobu using her extensive knowledge and experience as a professional to help bridge the mental health gap.


About Dr Emmanuella Owobu

Dr Emmanuella Owobu is a US based behavioural health specialist, licensed clinical professional counsellor and certified addiction counsellor with over 10 years practice.

She provides direct services as a therapist and supervises therapists-in-training as a state approved clinical supervisor. She is also an adjunct Professor with Coppin State University in Maryland, where she has lectured both undergraduate and graduate levels for 10 years.

She is certified as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counsellor, she has MEd in Education, Rehabilitation & Counselling, and MSc in Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselling. She is also a Doctor of Education Counselling, Psychology.

With a degree in Mass Communication and specialization in broadcasting, Emmanuella Owobu started her career initially as a broadcaster. She has presented programs at Bendel Broadcasting Service, African Independent Television (AIT), Degue Broadcasting Network (DBN), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). She has also starred in a couple of home movies.


Why She Is Passionate About Mental Health

Dr Emmanuella Owobu has always been passionate about being a resource for individuals going through any challenging situation that might affect their mental health.

Through her  extensive knowledge and experience as a mental health professional, she professionally assists and offers her clients the best and right treatment to successfully manage and deal with challenging life situations, behavioural and mental issues.

For her hard work and love for humanity, she was recently featured on ‘The Avenue Newspaper’ in the United States. She was acknowledged for the impact of her services in the community.


Bright Future Community Healthcare Services

She currently owns and runs a behavioural health clinic ‘Bright Future Community Healthcare Services’ in Baltimore Maryland.

They specialize in the treatment of behavioural issues, addiction, and mental health issues through coping skills and therapeutic means.

At the clinic, they provide services such as –  mental health individual, group, family and couples’ services, drug, alcohol, gambling and other addictions assessment, intervention & treatment, suicide assessment, prevention, screening & assessment, work stress relief, conflict resolution, trauma assessment, intervention & treatment.



Dr Emmanuella Owobu seeks for new ways to reach more people and help them with coping skills and guidance for a balanced and stable mental well-being.

As a result of this, she is anchoring a mental health series ‘The Talk With Dr Emmanuella’ where she will address, break down and demystify the taboos surrounding mental health and behavioral issues.

She will also go in-depth to discuss mental health related matters, and how people can take care of their mental health to avoid any issues.

It will be released weekly on YouTube and across key social media platforms.



To contribute to the knowledge and management of mental health in Nigeria, Dr Emmanuella will hold a mental health conference where attendees will be able to connect virtually and in person with specialists and experts in the mental health field.

Participants will include celebrities, mental health professionals and mental health survivors. Some of the latest innovations in mental health across the world will also be unveiled at the conference.

The conference is called ‘Mind Your Mind’ and it is scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2021.

Through the conference, Dr Emmanuella will also mentor people who are interested in a career in any mental health field.


Get In Touch

Instagram: dr_emmanuellaowobu

Facebook: Dr Emmanuella Owobu

LinkedIn: Emmanuella Owobu

YouTube: Dr Emmanuella Owobu

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