For Adaeze Onu, Fashion Is More Than A Business – It Is A Ministry And Her Pulpit To Fulfill Purpose



For some women, there is more to life than building businesses and making money for themselves. They are also on a journey to change lives and empower as many people as they can with their knowledge and resources.

One of such women is Adaeze Onu. A fashion entrepreneur who is raising other women entrepreneurs.


About Adaeze Onu

Adaeze Onu is a wife, Mother, Fashion Entrepreneur and a Social Innovator.

She is the Founder of Dexy Creation which is a Ready-To-Wear Fashion Brand.  She also created the Dexy Creation Academy to empower women with fashion design skills so they can be emancipated from financial slavery.

She is the pioneer of  The Unusual Woman Telegram Community where women are trained to quash the cliché ‘strong woman’  and own their vulnerability while ruling their world with resilience.

She is fondly called The Push Mistress, and she has been pushing so many women to break barriers.


How She Started Dexy Creation – A Ready-To-Wear Brand

Adaeze began her fashion journey unofficially when she was at the University. It was at a point in her life when she struggled with low self-esteem, all she had was her beautiful soul, pretty face and her ability to write and sketch.

She started sketching special designs for herself and her friends and they would give to tailors to sew.

She realized that how she felt while wearing those designs was totally different from how she felt when she wore imported ready-made wears. She felt confident and discovered her identity and worth. She decided she was going to help other women have that confidence too.

She started Dexy Creation in 2014 after attending a fashion school to build her skill.

She has received many positive reviews from women who say they feel confident and in-charge when they wear outfits made by Dexy Creation.


Making Impact Through The Dexy Creation Academy

For Adaeze, fashion is more than a business; it is a ministry and a movement. She is standing on fashion pulpit to fulfil a purpose.

Since launching the Academy in 2017, their empowerment programmes have had a tremendous impact on women’s mental and financial well being.

They have trained over 100 women, and these women also have access to a mentoring programme. The academy also points them to links and communities where they can apply for grants and get more support.

So far, they have won scholarships locally and abroad. They have won awards for their contribution towards empowerment. They have also been shortlisted for advanced training.


Her Book – The Unsual Woman

Her forthcoming book, The Unusual Woman is set to be released late 2021 or early 2022.

The book will shine the light on how she strikes balance between her home and the numerous work she does.

She has been able to maintain a multitasking lifestyle successfully for many years without domestic helps.

She hopes that the book will help women become who they want to be without excuses or limitations.


How Adaeze Onu Can Help You

>> Get her confidence-infusing outfits at @dexy_creation

>> Join her academy and learn how to design and sew at @dexycreation


Get In Touch

Instagram for Academy: @dexycreation

Instagram for Ready-to-wear brand: @dexy_creation

Facebook: facebook.com/dexycreation

LinkedIn : Adaeze Dexy Onu

Website: dexy-creation.business.site





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