“If I Knock, If They Don’t Open, I Break The Door. If I Cannot Break The Door, I Make My Door And I Walk Through” – Teni


 Teni Entertainer was interviewed by DJ Abbass, a UK based broadcaster. Of all the different issues Teni spoke on as regarding her career, three things stand out for us.

We can all learn from them and incorporate them into some areas of our lives.

Healthy boundaries, healthy family

Yes, the family will always be family but it doesn’t take away the fact that we are humans and can hurt ourselves even when we have the best intentions towards each other.

Setting healthy boundaries, however, will help us avoid hurting each other and allow time and energy for the things that matter. Boundaries are the unseen structures that support healthy and productive lives.

For Teni, even though she has a beautiful relationship with her sister and discusses almost everything with her, they don’t talk about their music.

Read what she said, “A lot of business decisions I make, I talk to Nini about it. I talk to her about a lot of things I do but when it comes to music, we try not to talk about it because we have to protect ourselves, our sanity and our sisterhood is very dear to us. We don’t want to stress ourselves. Besides music, we want to have our sisterhood without being diluted.”

Fight for what you want

Sometimes in life, you have to take your own seat to the table because everybody wants to maintain their own seat and space. So, how willing are you to fight for what you want? Are you waiting to be called to the table? Or you would just make your own table like Teni.

According to Teni,  “If I want something, I get It. if I knock, if they don’t open, I break the door. If I cannot break the door, I make my door and I walkthrough. Everybody can be noticed. Diddy wasn’t a great rapper but we listened to him because of his confidence. Mohammed Alli said, ‘I will be great. I must be great’ and he was great. There was no ‘will I be?’ So, go out and be great.

Believe in what your ability

It is a good feeling to know that people believe in you but how much do you believe in yourself and your ability?

Teni said, “When I think music, I don’t think Nigeria. I don’t think Africa. I know my pen game. I know what I can do. I know where my mind takes me. I lived in America, I’ve seen the world, so, I know what I can write. When I think writing when I think music, I think big. I’m just an African telling my story my way.”


Watch Teni speak here



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