Mercy Joe-Blankson Is Giving Widows The Support They Need To Build Meaningful Lives Despite Their Loss


It is so sad to know that some people in Nigeria still disrespect the rights of widows without regards for the mental, emotional and financial well-being.

Mercy Joe-Blankson experienced this when she lost her husband in 2018, but she is turning that pain into a purpose by helping other widows to rise above the challenges they face.


About Mercy Joe-Blankson

Mercy Joe-Blankson is a mother, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Widows Hub Africa Initiative and Joe-Blankson Foundation.

Widows Hub Africa Initiative is a foundation that amplifies the voice of widows, supports them with their mental health, empowers them to be successful despite their loss, and provides a transit home for widows that are forced out of their homes after their husbands demise.


Why She Started The Widows Hub Africa Initiative

She lost her husband on the 28th of July 2018. Late Joe Blankson died while rescuing drowning passengers in a twenty-one passengers speed boat in Bakana near Port Harcourt Rivers State. He saved 13 passengers before his death.

After the death of her husband, she went through some traditional practices which were very harmful to her mental health but she was compelled to do them.

She started this initiative because of what she went through. Many widows are going through the same thing and can’t speak out for themselves. She decided to give them a voice.

Her vision is to see a  country where the rights of widows are respected even as they emerge to become economically stable.


How Her Work Has Been Changing Lives

Through her foundation, she has been able to achieve these:

>> Paid rent for widows that are rendered homeless in the course of widowhood.

>> Established widows in small scale businesses.

>> Helped them turn their pain into gain

Widows Hub Africa Initiative continues to give hope to widows that are at the verge of giving up in life because of the harmful practices they are being subjected to and the financial difficulties they face.


How You Can Support Her Work

You can support Widows Hub Africa Initiative through donations, please reach them through the contact details below.


Get In Touch

Tel: +234 703 189 2540



Instagram: @widowshubafrica


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