Thanks To The Hair Swan, You Can Now Store, Protect And Transport Your Wigs Without Getting Them Damaged Or Tangled



One of the major problems women face when it comes to using wigs, is how to store them neatly without damaging their style, texture and design.

Well, worry no more! The Hair Swan no-slip wig storage system has solutions to all your concerns!

The Hair Swan is a uniquely designed wig management accessory that stores, protects and preserves your wigs. It reduces clutter, maintains styling and sustains the life of the wig.

It is also made with careful consideration for your wigs frontal and closures. It a no-slip solution that holds well without causing damage.


With the Hair Swan you can:

» Neatly organize and store your wigs, and save more space in your room.

» Protect your wigs from dust and keep it fresh for longer, using the protective bags that come with the hair swan.

» Store your wigs safely without fear of damaging sensitive frontals and closures.

» Save your room and clothes from loose hairs from wigs.

» Maintain the styles of your wigs and keep them safe from friction and pulls.

» Travel with wigs already styled and ready for use without worrying about them getting tangled or out of style.

» Get value for your money because they are super affordable and made of sturdy material that ensures no easy breakage and long-term use.


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