Chinaemerem Ogbuaku: My Woman, My Everything



To you my beautiful woman,

To you my strong, resilient woman,

To you that loves and never withholds,

To you who the world calls foolish because of your large heart,

To you, my jewel of inestimable value,

To you, my heartbeat,

To you great and mighty woman,

To you, that cries right in the bathroom because you feel no one cares and really understands you,

To you, who her equals feel like she’s confused,

To you my sweet amiable Cherub,

The one who seems so soft and yet extremely strong,

The one who births kings and queens on her knees,

To the one who truly nurtures and cares,

The one who can kill and make alive as well,

I celebrate you today and always.


Never compete with your fellow woman,

Let’s love up in this season and beyond,

Your greatest competitor is you, not your fellow woman,

Compete against insecurities,

Fight against your fears,

You can be a woman who is whole, worthy and loving,

You are beautiful just the way you are!


I celebrate you a woman of excellence,

I celebrate you, a woman of strength,

I celebrate you, the queen of Queens,

The best of its kind,

I celebrate you, my Princess,

I celebrate you, my priestess,

I celebrate you, my elegant momma,

I celebrate you, my closest friend,

I celebrate you, my role model,

I celebrate you my great woman of confidence,

I celebrate you, the only one who in her fallen state can lift up others,

I celebrate you my ambassador of strength and courage,

I celebrate you today and always for your adventurous lifestyle,

You are one in a million,

We have many more territories to take, do not rest on your oars yet,

Keep soaring great woman of strength.


Happy International Women’s Day! I love you all my fellow brave and strong women.

We make the world beautiful and complete!



About The Writer

Chinaemerem Ogbuaku is a Customer Service Representative and official touchpoint for Callphone Nigeria Limited, where she attends to all customer’s complaints and inquiries, give customers information about products and services, take orders, and process returns and also helps the customers understand the product by answering questions about their reservations.

She also hosts a podcast show titled “Truth Must Be Told Podcast Series” where she uses her golden voice to enlighten, encourage and uplift people. She considers herself a protege of Chinua Achebe.

She is a Christian who loves GOD, and she is from Umuahia South Local Government in Abịa State.

You can follow her on all her social media handles.

Facebook:  Chinaemerem Ogbuaku

Instagram:  @Naeme _global

Twitter:  @Herexcellencyma

Linkedln:  Chinaemerem Ogbuaku

Youtube:  Naeme Diaries

Website: Chinaemeremhosting.wordpress.com



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