Do You Want To Earn Extra Income While Helping People Become Healthier? One2onediet Is Looking For You!



The One2onediet By Cambridge Weight Plan  (formerly known as Cambridge Weight Plan) is a general weight management system that you can use to lose weight, and also maintain weight loss.

It is a convenient and easy tool to use with no guesswork involved. It helps people to build and cultivate a healthy relationship with food while assisting to attain a fit lifestyle


The Products And Services By One2onediet

The dieter can pick from our range of delicious, nutritionally balanced meal replacement food, these include porridges, mouth-watering spag bol or Thai noodles, shakes, smoothies, bites, and so much more. All calorie-controlled, all crammed with the nutrients you need and all full of flavour.

People looking to lose weight get started on the diet by choosing a personal diet consultant who will help them create their plan and give them the products they need. Clients stay on a journey to achieve their goals with the consultant’s support, hence the name one2onediet because every dieter gets one-to-one consultant-led support.

They inspire and support the dieter throughout the entire journey.


Why They Are Recruiting One2onediet Consultants

The demand for One2onediet products and service in on the increase daily, as a result of this, they are recruiting more people to work as consultants.

As a complete lifestyle brand, they are providing sustainable healthy lifestyle programs while giving their consultants opportunity to make a steady income.


What You Will Do As A Consultant

As a consultant, you will help dieters create their plan and give them the products they need. You will inspire and support the dieter throughout the entire journey.

You will have all the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, plus access to the brilliant People, Products and Plan from The 1:1Diet.

As a consultant, you own your own independent 1:1 Diet business so you decide on the hours you work and how big you would like your business to grow.

They have consultants who work full time from home, a clinic or a centre and others who work a couple of nights a week around their family or other jobs. So your earning potential is completely up to you and how much you put into your business.

There are no sales targets and absolutely no pressures.


What You Will Gain If You Become A One2onediet Consultant

» Earn up to 500k or more monthly.

» Get access to a wide range of marketing tools to use at your disposal.

» Be a part of one of the most successful and researched weight loss companies in the world with a track record covering 35 years and the most successful distributorships in the world.

» Be a part of the world’s biggest direct selling Diet Company.

» Regular training, continuous guidance and support to guide you in achieving your goals.

» Attend International Conferences annually.

» Make a huge difference in the lives of others.


What You Need To Become A One2onediet Consultant

» Be passionate about creating a healthier community

» Have a genuine interest in weight management

» Be interested in running a successful home-based business

» Enjoy supporting and motivating others

» Be a people person with good listening skills

» Be organised


How To Become A One2onediet Consultant

Are you a friendly and self-motivated person who loves helping others? Have a keen interest in health and nutrition? Be a consultant now!

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