Thanks To Joan Nwosu, People Feeling Unsatisfied With Their Job Or Business Can Find The Clarity They Need To Make A Change



Many of us know what it feels like to be stuck and unsatisfied with our current job or business, and want deeper meaning in life. What we however do not know is how to get unstuck and find the clarity we need to pursue more fulfilling lives.

This is why Joan Nwosu is on a mission to work with people to gain clarity and build a life they love on their terms.


About Joan Nwosu

Joan Nwosu is the award-winning author of the book iRise: The Ten Secrets to getting up when life knocks you down. She is an entrepreneur, career and business coach, and consultant with a proven record of creating and enabling the growth of many professionals and businesses across multiple domains and locations.

Most of her 20-year career has been in technology, entrepreneurship and social impact. She has worked in Media, Financial Services, Government, Telecommunications, Automobile, Not-For-Profit, Technology, Entertainment, Betting and Travel with multinationals in North America, Europe and Africa.

She has founded 6 businesses of her own and currently runs a coaching practice and an immigration settlement business. She is a Director in one of Canada’s leading insurance companies, a Professor teaching postgraduate leadership at an Ontario college and the host of iRise Conversations with Joan.

Joan has been featured in the Who’s Who Nigeria in diaspora and was a finalist for the Women of Inspiration Award 2020.


Why She Helps People Choose a More Meaningful Life

Like most people, I grew up in an era where the societal norm was to get an education, get a job, rise in rank, work till you’re 65 years and retire. I spent years conforming to that paradigm. I became an overachiever switching careers often but remained unfulfilled. 20 jobs and 6 career changes later, I left feeling empty and unfulfilled. No number of promotions or pay increases could fill the void, I was desperately unhappy.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the people side of my career, the culture became increasingly toxic and I was tired of being told when, where, how and who to work with. I won’t even talk about office politics.

Every new career or job was a new challenge and I would throw myself in, bursting with energy and waking up excited every day. But eventually, I would end up feeling like I was running on empty and totally unfulfilled. I always knew that I wanted to do my own thing and social impact on the world.

Two years ago, a health scare changed my life forever. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypothyroidism. I was placed on a lifetime sentence of medication and I knew I had to now only make changes to my physical wellness but my life as a whole. I didn’t want to spend another moment doing things I didn’t enjoy and suppressing my life’s purpose to impact the world in a great way.

I started Joan Nwosu Coaching in response to a large number of stuck, unfulfilled corporate professionals with a desire to start a meaningful business or career but had no idea how to transition. My goal is to help them get clarity and support to achieve their dreams and ultimately create the life they want.


How She Can Help You

Joan works with entrepreneurs and people transitioning careers from all over the world, she helps them choose a path they love and gives them the fulfilment they desire.

Over the years, she has worked with 100’s of clients looking to change careers or start and grow their business.

She has experience working in many multi-national companies across North America, Europe, and Africa. So, she knows what it’s like to be stuck in a job you love to hate!

She can offer you the practical expertise, candid advice and proven strategies you need to make your business or career transition materialize. Even if you have no clue what kind of change you desire, her program is designed to help you figure it out and ultimately take action.

If you have tons of ideas and your head is constantly churning out more, she can help with that too. Or maybe you have a particular issue you want specific help with, guess what, she got you covered as well.


How To Get Her New Book

Being knocked down by life over and over again not only made her stronger but gave her a message to share with the world.

Her new book, ‘iRise: The Ten Secrets to getting up when life knocks you down’ reveals the secrets, lessons learned, and strategies for you to live an abundant joyous and fulfilled life even in the face of adversity.

You can get the book on Amazon or Rovingheights


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