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If you are ready to scale up your skill for an uncertain world so that you can become indispensable at work, then join The Visionary Employee Program, where you will be exposed to tools and talents that will increase your value and attract the right recognition and recommendation you need in your career.

The world is waiting for you to unleash the greatness within you but first, you need to see it so they can believe it and you can get rewards from it. It all begins with you!


What Is The Visionary Employee Program?

The Visionary Employee Program is a coaching mastermind and training solution for employees who are ready to upskill and arm themselves with the right knowledge to become indispensable in their field.

It is also for employers who are ready to invest in their employees so they can efficiently interpret the company’s vision.

TVEP has been carefully curated to cater for the unique needs of career professionals, Government parastatals, MSMEs and SMEs, customer service executives and multinational organizations who want to become high flyers in this fast-paced, rapidly evolving world.


Why The Visionary Employee Program Was Launched

Pine Empress Limited launched TVEP as a solution to the issue of employees performing less than their capabilities at work. The workplace evolved rapidly over the past few years and as a result of this change, it became important for employees, who are the human capital and life wire of any business to either level up or is left behind.

They saw that the future of work is here, and being average no longer cuts it and that is why they launched TVEP to help employees become visionaries who will be highly efficient and remain relevant.

The employee who refuses or neglects to develop will become redundant and left behind.


Who Is The Visionary Employee Program For?

This training is for career professionals and employers who love them.

The program benefits employees who are focused on GROWING GLOBAL.  It also benefits employers who are seeking more ways to gain MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY within their organizations.

This program is available to participate in as an employer for your employees or as a stand-alone employee who is willing and ready to explore new frontiers of career and personal development to level up for greater and global goals.


What The Visionary Employee Program Will Do For You

>> It will expose you to tools and talents that will increase your value and attract the right recognition and recommendation you need in your career.

>> It will help you identify and develop the right skills that respond to labour-market needs and teach you how to fully utilize these skills.

>> It will help you understand the power of organizational vision and how it increases performance, productivity, and profits.

One of the aims of the program is to raise employees that will not just show up at work because they need to, but will show up at work with strength, focus, the right attitude and more importantly, as a visionary that can be trusted to bring great ideas to life and be a person satisfied with their work-life.


How To Sign Up

There is a monthly, quarterly and yearly package for employees and employers. They have curated a distinct stream for the different categories. Please click this link to get all information required to sign up –>>


Get In Touch

LinkedIn : Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

IG @pineempress & @adesewainc

Facebook: @pineempress



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