We All Need To Say Thank You To Tessy Egonu For Starting Queentrepreneur Foundation To Empower Girls & Women


Tessy Nkechi Egonu is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation.

She is also the CEO/Creative Director of ResaTonie Creations, a fashion brand that focuses on Afrocentric and contemporary ready to wear designs.

She also runs a consulting/outsourcing agency called Resaads Consult that focuses on building and helping startups in achieving growth through organized planning for less cost.

Tessy Egonu is passionate about educating young children, women empowerment, and mental health advocacy through the digital platform.


The Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation

Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation is on a mission to help young children and women in Nigeria and hopefully Africa as a whole.

The Foundation carries out various projects within Abuja and its environs. They empower young kids, through various outreaches such as virtual training, excursion, book clubs and mentoring the kids.

They also carry out projects aimed at empowering young women by broadening their horizon and encouraging them to appreciate that there is more to a school than just attending classes.


Why She Started The Foundation

One influential figure in my life has been my Dad who has always reiterated and I quote that “I am training my daughters not as women in today’s society but as men.”

This is a very strong statement driving the passion of my Dad towards his daughters. He believes that despite how supportive he would be in our personal growth, allowing us to explore choices we make as regards our lives paths and careers absolutely rest with us.

He is convinced that when women are afforded the same opportunities as men in society, they will make a huge difference. So to my Dad, why should his daughters be denied opportunities offered to men when there is no empirical evidence that women, when given the platform may not even do better than their male counterparts?

Influenced by my Dad’s philosophy, growing up I have always been passionate about helping people especially women, focusing on the disadvantages women face in society and how possible to devise a solution to such disadvantages.

My mum was a businesswoman and I could see how she blossomed into a confident woman in society by starting with what was at her disposal and utilizing the same to grow a million-naira business.

The combined effect of my Dad’s ideas of what women are capable of doing and the demonstration of my Mum strengthened my personal conviction that, if women are given the opportunity to shine, they will do so well. This is why I started Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation.


How The Foundation Is Changing Lives

The foundation continues to touch and change lives through its various programmes such as:

» Sanitary Pad Outreaches to young girls in under-served communities and schools which has become an annual program on the calendar of the Foundation.

» Skills Acquisition Training where young women are trained in various skills they are passionate about.

» Mentor for all Initiative carries out various projects within Abuja and its environs on empowering young kids, through various outreaches such as virtual training, excursion, book clubs and mentoring the kids. This is to broaden the minds of the young kids and encourage them that there is more to a school than just attending classes.

» Tea and Networking Party is for women in all classes to be given a chance to mingle and connect with one another is a platform of networking and bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots for effective business collaboration.

» “Safe a Child Initiative”  is a project born out of the need to support infants and children in the vine heritage home and also support the mission to put an end to killings of children of multiple births and other physical impairments currently ongoing in Abuja and its environs.

» Girl Child Entrepreneurship Program aims at providing entrepreneurship skills to the girl children within the ages of 9-15 years in rural and underserved communities in Africa and to provide continued mentoring in nurturing skills learned, and by way of extension inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship as an extracurricular activity for the girl child in schools (School-based entrepreneurship).


Awards & Recognitions

Tessy Nkechi Egonu was awarded Global Change Maker 2020 by the Global Youth Networker.

The Queentrepreneur Foundation received a coveted award from the Youth Advancement Initiative for their service to the nation on the 1st of October 2020


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