With The One2onediet Plan, You Can Stay Fit And Healthy During Ramadan



As the Ramadan fast approaches, the key to successfully completing the fast is planning.

The readiness of your body for Ramadan is an important part of preparation; your Ramadan preparation checklist is not complete without a plan on how to stay healthy and fit.


How One2onediet Can Help You During Ramadan

The first step to a fit body is a cleanse. With the One2onediet, you can cleanse and prepare your body mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready for fast

With one2onediet, we can also help plan your routines, help you get ready through meal planning, set goals for Dua and Zakat but more importantly, prepare your body for fast.

By eating lesser portions from now till the fast begins, you can achieve the goal of discipline and get support through it all.


Why You Should Sign up

The One2onediet will help you:

» Stay healthy and not put on weight especially during the Ramadan fast

» Lose weight and maintain it

» Get support on your weight loss journey


How To Sign Up

Call  08074870841 or send us a DM @one2onedietnigeria

Send a message to Cambridge Weight Plan Nigeria on WhatsApp –




Instagram: @one2onedietnigeria

Facebook: one2onedietNigeria

Phone: 08074870841







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